Teaching Fellow Program


During the academic year St. Paul's School employs as many as four recent college graduates to serve as Teaching Fellows, joining the faculty for a one-year appointment. The Teaching Fellow Program allows recent college graduates the opportunity to test and develop their teaching ability and style with support from mentor teachers. At the same time, it provides a sense of the responsibilities and rewards of teaching.

Teaching Fellows participate in all aspects of boarding school life, including teaching, coaching, supervising in residential houses, and participating in the many other activities of the School community. While each Teaching Fellow's program is designed to reflect the individual's strengths and interests, a general pattern is followed by all. Each Teaching Fellow is assigned a mentor, who is responsible for guiding the academic work of the Teaching Fellow. During the fall term, the Teaching Fellows typically attend one or two courses taught by the mentor and may, from time to time, teach class on a given day or for several days. Normally, Teaching Fellows are assigned an additional class to attend regularly throughout the fall. Each Teaching Fellow is encouraged to observe different classes and teachers. During the winter and spring terms, Teaching Fellows normally take on responsibility for all teaching activities of at least one class, working closely with the mentor. Throughout the year, the director of Apprentice Teaching Programs oversees the programs of individual Teaching Fellows.

In addition to the work in the classroom, each Teaching Fellow is expected to assist the Athletic Program by coaching at the junior varsity, varsity, or club (intramural) level. Teaching Fellows also help supervise students in a house. In carrying out these responsibilities, Teaching Fellows receive support and direction from experienced coaches and advisers. Teaching Fellows are involved in many other aspects of school life, including regular attendance at Chapel, presiding over a table in the dining room, supervising study halls, and participating in faculty meetings. Weekly Teaching Fellow meetings address a variety of educational issues.

Teaching Fellows are provided housing (including all utilities except telephone), meals, coverage under the School's medical health insurance program, and a stipend of $25,000. The appointment of a Teaching Fellow is for one year. A Teaching Fellow may subsequently apply for any position at the School for which he or she may be qualified.

Application Criteria
It is recommended that prospective Teaching Fellows serve first as an intern during the summer Advanced Studies Program, as an introduction to St. Paul's School and to the work of an apprentice teacher. The same application forms are used for both positions, though hiring decisions are made separately. In selecting Teaching Fellows, the School considers the successful completion of a teaching internship, strength of personal development, interest in exploring boarding school life, depth of scholarship, involvement in activities and athletics in college, and interest in the teaching profession. Selection of Teaching Fellows is usually completed by the end of April.

Contact Information
Mike Ricard, Director, Apprentice Teaching Program
Phone: 603-229-4777
Fax: 603-229-4767

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