In the spring of 1856. . .
a young schoolteacher arrived in a carriage at a large property of ponds and woods near Concord, New Hampshire, where a wealthy Boston physician had provided land to create a new school. St. Paul’s began that same day, as three boys received their first assignments, one of which was to go fishing. A love of the School’s natural habitat has remained constant since those early days.

Notable events include:
1870s: the first ice hockey games in the U.S. on the SPS Lower Pond.
1915: the first squash courts in the country are built at St. Paul’s.
1938: Boys are given time off to help lumberjacks remove fallen trees after a devastating hurricane.
1960: The SPS student literary magazine Horae Scholasticae observes its 100th anniversary.
1971: SPS becomes one of the first boys boarding schools to admit girls.

Graduates of St. Paul's School have included three candidates for U.S. president, six senators or congressmen, 13 U.S. ambassadors, and 10 leaders of various U.S. administrations; a governor of New Hampshire; a Nobel Prize winner, a Medal of Honor recipient, three Pulitzer Prize winners; a mayor of New York City; a president of the World Bank; numerous editors of books, newspapers, and magazines; CEOs of numerous Fortune 500 companies; professional hockey players; and many members of the clergy, including the former presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church.