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Hunt Scholarship: Texas, New Mexico and Mexico

Established in 2011 by Stacey S. Hunt, Gayle and Woody Hunt, and the Hunt Family Foundation, the Marcus Jonathan Hunt Scholarship honors the late Mr. Hunt of the SPS Form of 1989, who valued highly his experience at the School. The scholarship awarded to a qualified student from the Paso del Norte region of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico, is designed in part to create awareness of the diverse geographical area that Mr. Hunt called home. A goal of the program is that Hunt Scholar will serve as a conduit of cultural perspectives, nurturer of academic ideas, and facilitator of diversity while at St. Paul's School.

It is the hope of the Hunt Scholarship founders that recipients will bring back to El Paso and the surrounding areas those gifts of knowledge, experience, and leadership they develop at St. Paul's. The scholarship provides funding for three to four years at St. Paul's School, with preference given to families for whom financial considerations are critical factors in making educational decisions.

Hunt Scholarships fund three to four years of study, but are awarded one year at a time. Every year the School conducts an annual review of each Scholar's academic performance and achievement records. Although it is the School's intention to renew the Scholarship each year, an award may be withdrawn if a recipient does not satisfy the School's academic and other requirements.
The Hunt Scholarship will be awarded to selected students who live in far-west Texas, southern New Mexico, and the northern region of the Mexican State of Chihuahua.

All applicants from the eligible areas of Texas, Mexico, and New Mexico will be considered for the Hunt Scholarship. There is no separate application process. In selecting recipients, personal characteristics such as maturity, independence, and self-reliance are important. Candidates should show patience and grace under pressure, as well as evidence of compassion, honesty, and trust. The candidate must be a good friend to others and open to new ideas, new points of view, and new challenges.

Finalists for the Hunt Scholarship must apply for financial aid. Recipients will be selected by the St. Paul's School Admission Office; they will be notified on March 10. Hunt family members and the Hunt Family Foundation will not be involved in the selection process.


Kendra ’18
“My dorm mates, classmates, and teachers come from all corners of the world and I have been able to make connections with them, as well as learn about their cultures and interests. Having this diversity has allowed me to expand my knowledge of the world.”


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