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Welcome to the 2020 SPS Holiday Gift Guide! Enjoy perusing this assortment of goods and services, all produced by SPS alumni/ae and parents. Add some SPS flair in this season of giving and support your fellow Paulies while doing so. If you have a business, or produce a good or service, and would like to be featured in our gift guide, please e-mail Jeff Selesnick at

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  • Page Sargisson Jewelry

    Page Sargisson ’93
    Page’s jewelry is coveted by celebrities including Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon and Christy Turlington, and carried in many boutiques around the world including Barneys Tokyo, ABC Carpet & Home, & Sundance Catalog. And be sure to visit Rowan, a hypoallergenic earring subscription box company for tweens, where Page is creative director.   
  • Explorer Ventures

    Clay McCardell ’80
    Step aboard one of the Explorer Ventures Fleet liveaboard dive vessels and immerse yourself in a world of underwater wonder, friendly camaraderie, outstanding service and exceptional value! Enjoy the Galapagos, Maldives, Saba/St. Kitts, Turks and Caicos, and Silver Bank. Whether diving, lounging on the sun deck, touring out-of-the-way destinations or making new friends over a great meal, a holiday with Explorer Ventures will offer memories that last a lifetime.
  • Field to Fragrance/Kelly Heaton Studio

    Kelly Heaton ’90
    Once upon a time, perfume really meant something. The ingredients were sacred, and the scents were mesmerizing. We remember the old formulas with great fondness, and we lament the shift towards aggressive and overly synthetic fragrances. Field to Fragrance, and The Virginia Perfume Company, are dedicated to the revival of the authentic parfum of days gone by.
    Kelly Heaton (b. 1972) is a mixed media artist who believes that electricity is the most important medium of our time. She uses circuits to explore the “spark of life” in biological organisms as well as machines, acting as a techno-spiritualist to portray the immaterial character of her subjects. Some of her work contains functional circuits that seem oddly alive. Heaton asks us to contemplate the transformative impact of electricity on society and the degree to which we have diverged from wilderness. Meanwhile, she looks to electronics for the emergence of new symbols and archetypes for our high-tech civilization.
  • History 500

    Richard Sperry '64
    Welcome to History 500, and a selection of the best, most engaging works of American and related world history including World War I and II. All guaranteed to keep you learning for a lifetime. History 500 includes the classic “must read” works of American history and historical fiction that every reader should know about. Plus captivating, just-published books recommended and approved by our loyal members and History 500 Advisory Board. A lifetime subscription is normally $100, but Richard is generously offering it free to St. Paul's School alumni. Please e-mail Richard directly ( to take advantage of this offer.
  • In Black In White

    L.T Woody '72
    "Woody... young, black, from hardcore Harlem Park in Baltimore, Md., of the sixties, plucked from his community and educated at St Paul's School, a New England prep school... creating the man he was to become from the fertile soil of both worlds." - M. Broom
    "IN BLACK IN WHITE is a highly entertaining, honestly told personal story. In the opinion of this judge, the book's key strength is Mr. Woody's incredibly natural style of writing. Interspersing slang and vernacular freely with standard grammar and usage, he does a great job of rendering the gritty city experiences that shaped him. The reader gets vivid picture after vivid picture, with lots of interesting details. Mr. Woody also does a good job representing the core values that he took away from his family and the streets, as well as the unusual experience of his being ripped from familiar surroundings and transplanted to a high-toned prep school thanks to a scholarship program. Overall, an engrossing memoir of a life well lived." - Anonymous judge, Writer's Digest Self Published book contest
  • Ivy & Elder

    Lisa Hunter Rasic '93
    Give the gift of waves for the holidays. Ivy & Elder’s Wear the Wind wave spray is a salt-free, silicone-free mist to create loose and lightly polished waves. For naturally wavy or heat-styled hair. Vegan, cruelty-free, EWG verified. Enjoy 20% off with code PELICAN though 12/31/20. Ivy & Elder believes in great hair with a clean conscience; inspired by the connection and communication in the forest. 
  • Raddish

    Seth Barnes ’97
    At Raddish, we're on a mission to deliver culinary experiences that nurture kids’ confidence in the kitchen and beyond. Each month's kit features an exciting culinary theme and lesson with collectable tools, apron patches and more! The delicious hours I spent eating and talking over meals at St. Paul's were integral to my education, so it's exciting to facilitate the same kind of experiences every day!
  • What Flow Looks Like Today (WFLLT)

    Noel Danforth '81
    What Flow Looks Like Today (WFLLT) was created to share paintings and craft by Noel Danforth of based in Cambridge, MA. A graphic designer by trade and an artist and crafter by design, Noel creates across many mediums incorporating her eye for design with her passion for paint and handicrafts. Give the gift of original art for the holidays. Find small abstract paintings, and more at what flow looks like today.
  • A Shirt Story

    Sasha Iglehart (Richardson) '78
    The shirts are upcycled all cotton, sourced at thrift stores. We rework the collar and cuffs with repurposed crystal buttons. The shirts are seasonless, gender free, and oversized and ready for their next chapter. This year, most of us are spending more time at home, raising an awareness of how we dress and what we really need. I see these shirts as a closet staple that are comfortable and perfect for zoom calls.
  • Drink Wholesome

    Jack Schrupp '14
    Drink Wholesome is a new small business from Gilford, NH that has taken a better-for-you, better-tasting approach to protein powder by using only real food ingredients – ingredients you can pronounce and find in your kitchen. Drink Wholesome is the best post workout recovery drink, and manufactures its product in small batches.
  • Emmy Starr Designs

    Emmy Starr '85
    Whether building a cardboard box dollhouse, molding a pinch pot bowl or even performing an interpretive dance, I always liked creating. And then, one day, my jewelry-making mother and sister brought me to a local bead shop, and Emmy Starr Designs was born. I am drawn to simple designs made with classic sterling silver and timeless gemstones. Nothing too glitzy or showy, just lovely stones in graceful designs. I want my work to be comfortable and easy for women to wear, whether it's a day at work or a weekend date night out with friends. Jewelry should be a subtle complement to a woman's individual beauty, and the delicate nature of ESD pieces echo that belief.
  • Holiday Shops at Bryant Park

    Eldon Scott '80
    Eldon Scott oversees the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park; one of NYC's most beloved holiday season destinations. With more than 170 artisanal vendors selling their innovative wares, it is safe to say that you will find a gift for all of your loved ones. If you get hungry don't worry there are some of the most interesting food concepts to choose from while you shop. And If that isn't enough to do, you and the family can grab some blades and hop on the ice for a little family fun!
  • Oemi Botanicals

    Cecily Sackey '08
    "Like eating clean, but for you hair." Just as no two people are alike, everyone's hair is different. The hair typing system is considered controversial because it’s often interpreted literally, or suggests that looser hair types are more desirable. But, at Oemi, we like to think of it as a spectrum — the type points are just pitstops along the hair highway. If you know a little bit about where your stops are, you can get to know your hair and what it needs. Oemi uses raw ingredients found right at the source to feed healthy hair and give back along the way.
  • Permanent Press Editions

    Alexandra Mulvihill ’81
    After collaborating as deputy style editor and design director of Martha Stewart Weddings, and working at brands like Anthropologie, J.Crew, and Condé Nast, Shana Faust and Alexa Mulvihill channeled their experience producing award-winning editorial imagery into Permanent Press Editions, a Brooklyn-based workshop that specializes in original art. Using a multi-disciplinary approach—art directing, styling, designing, and shooting—they create distinctive photographic collections that capture unexpected moments of beauty. Whether referencing sculptural cellophane wrappers or moody botanicals in full bloom, the compositions reflect Faust and Mulvihill’s shared passion for crafting, fascination with visual narratives, and obsession with detail.
  • South of the Mountain Tileworks

    Pamela Hudson ’74
    It’s easy to add some character using the one-of-a-kind, handmade art tile murals from South of the Mountain Tileworks. Whether part of an installation or an architectural design, these colorful pieces are at home in the kitchen, bathroom, fireplace surrounds and beyond.
  • Stevenson's Toys and Games

    Roy Stevenson '74
    Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been huge demand for puzzles and games for people to enjoy while sheltering at home.  Stevenson’s Toys is well stocked with a great selection, including Wentworth wooden jigsaw puzzles from England.  Visit our website to see our wide variety of fun and educational products.
  • Saigon to Pleiku

    David Grant Noble '57
    Initially stationed at the U.S. Army’s counterintelligence headquarters in Saigon, David Noble was sent north to launch the army’s first covert intelligence-gathering operation in Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Living in the region of the Montagnards—Vietnam’s indigenous tribal people, deemed critical to winning the war—Noble documented strategic hamlets and Green Beret training camps, where Special Forces teams taught the Montagnards to use rifles rather than crossbows and spears. In this book, he relates the experiences and challenges he had in the course of his work.
  • Gyotaku Fish Prints

    Annie Sessler ’80
    Annie Sessler ’80 shares her passion for nature though her Japanese inspired Gyotaku fish prints. This practice combines her love of art making with her love of the sea. Her collection is comprised of unique original monoprints and fine art reproductions on fabrics, papers and other substrates. Fishermen of every age and type bring fish to Annie including spear, commercial, surf, and sport. Annie’s print station is a stop on the way from sea to kitchen. She memorializes and documents people’s catch while celebrating the unique individuality of each fish’s form before it is eaten and shared with family and friends. Her works tell individual stories about the lives of the fish and those that catch them. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The CBS Sunday Morning Show and on Red Lobster restaurant menus.
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