SPS Holiday Gift Guide

What better way to shop for hand crafted goods and unique services all while supporting formmates and fellow alumni? Please enjoying perusing the featured items below, and if you would like to be included in this year's guide, please send your information to Jeff Selesnick in the SPS Advancement Office and we will gladly include you. Happy shopping!

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  • Living Beneath the Colorado Peaks

    Sarah Shaw '86

    Living Beneath the Colorado Peaks takes the reader on a journey of discovery, from finding the perfect piece of land to achieving a vision that provides a model for utilizing the existing natural systems to design and craft a model of integrative, creative, and responsible land use in the American West. With vision, patience and devotion to excellence, the book follows the journey of Bud and Betsy Knapp to rehabilitate a landscape fatigued by neglect. Built on the bedrock of sustainability and thoughtful stewardship, the Ranch, located at 9,000 feet in Colorado’s Vail Valley is thriving; an inspiration and successful example of land management best practices.
  • What Flow Looks Like Today (WFLLT)

    Noel Danforth '81

    WFLLT.SPACE was created to share paintings and craft by Noel Danforth of Gold Star Studios based in Cambridge, MA. A graphic designer by trade and an artist and crafter by design, Noel creates across many mediums incorporating her eye for design with her passion for paint and handicrafts. Find original abstract paintings, artful sneakers, handmade jewelry, and more of what flow looks like today.
  • Ivy & Elder

    Lisa Hunter Rasic '93

    Ivy & Elder’s Willow Talk Leave-in Hair Mask is a lightweight lotion that leaves hair healthier with repeated use. Willow Talk is a great gift for anyone who needs treatment or protection for her hair. May be used before heat styling or simply applied on damp, towel-dried hair for supple, polished air-dried style. Ivy & Elder is new clean beauty company located in New York's Hudson Valley. We explore a world of forest magic where ancient tree wisdom is communicated through our interpretation of tree horoscope signs.
  • Gyotaku Fish Prints

    Annie Sessler ’80

    Annie Sessler ’80 shares her passion for nature though her Japanese inspired Gyotaku fish prints. This practice combines her love of art making with her love of the sea. Her collection is comprised of unique original monoprints and fine art reproductions on fabrics, papers and other substrates. Fishermen of every age and type bring fish to Annie including spear, commercial, surf, and sport. Annie’s print station is a stop on the way from sea to kitchen. She memorializes and documents people’s catch while celebrating the unique individuality of each fish’s form before it is eaten and shared with family and friends. Her works tell individual stories about the lives of the fish and those that catch them. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The CBS Sunday Morning Show and on Red Lobster restaurant menus.
  • A Shirt Story

    Sasha Iglehart (Richardson) '78

    A Shirt Story is a curated collection of thrift shop finds. Each cotton shirt is repurposed, upcycled and one of a kind with charm suitable for all genders. The collar and cuffs are reworked and frayed. New buttons add sparkle.
  • BPL/Colorjust

    Anthony Sehnaoui '86

    Our company sells premium beauty products (i.e. makeup and cosmetic brushes) online and at major retailers including Nordstrom and Lord & Taylor. Our makeup is free of harsh chemicals such as phthalates, parabens and the like, and designed for all skin types and tones. Our brushes are hand made and feature premium, cruelty-free bristles. oducts (i.e. makeup and cosmetic brushes) online
  • David Grant Noble Books

    David Grant Noble '57

    Please enjoy these two titles from author/editor David Grant Noble '57, whose work focuses on the American Southwest. Ancient Ruins and Rock Art of the Southwest: An Archaeological Guide (fourth edition) and Living in the Ancient Southwest are two of his more popular works.
  • Emmy Starr Designs

    Emmy Starr '85

    Whether building a cardboard box dollhouse, molding a pinch pot bowl or even performing an interpretive dance, I always liked creating. And then, one day, my jewelry-making mother and sister brought me to a local bead shop, and Emmy Starr Designs was born. I am drawn to simple designs made with classic sterling silver and timeless gemstones. Nothing too glitzy or showy, just lovely stones in graceful designs. I want my work to be comfortable and easy for women to wear, whether it's a day at work or a weekend date night out with friends. Jewelry should be a subtle complement to a woman's individual beauty, and the delicate nature of ESD pieces echo that belief.
  • Gnarbox

    Kat Greenbaum '07

    GNARBOX 2.0 SSD is a rugged backup device for pro photographers and videographers who need the most reliable way to back up their files in the field. Unlike other storage solutions, its compact design and powerful on-board backup features make it effortless to manage files without a laptop. With up to 1TB internal SSD, SD slot, two USB-C ports, and mobile apps to complete essential workflow steps before arriving to the studio, GNARBOX will save you time and make you a more reliable creator.
  • History 500

    Richard Sperry '64

    Welcome to History 500, and a selection of the best, most engaging works of American and related world history including World War I and II. All guaranteed to keep you learning for a lifetime. History 500 includes the classic “must read” works of American history and historical fiction that every reader should know about. Plus captivating, just-published books recommended and approved by our loyal members and History 500 Advisory Board. A lifetime subscription is normally $100, but Richard is generously offering it free to St. Paul's School alumni. Please e-mail Richard directly ( to take advantage of this offer. 
  • In Black In White

    L.T Woody '72

    Among several other themes, IN BLACK IN WHITE looks at the idea of nature versus nurture. It is the true story of the "two educations" of a black youth; an education derived from attendance in the Baltimore City Public Schools (and surviving that city's streets); and an education acquired from time spent inside the ivy-covered Halls of St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire, one of the finest boarding schools in America, living and learning daily among some of the most privileged youth in this country.The outcome is anything but certain.
  • Stevenson's Toys and Games

    Roy Stevenson '74

    Since 2001, Roy Stevenson has been running two specialty toy stores that house many special interesting/educational/amusing toys and gifts that are not often found in big box toy stores. Customers can place orders online, or can stop into the stores in East Hampton and Southampton, New York.
  • Year & Day

    Kathryn Duryea '00 (founder and CEO) and Caroline Green '00 (growth and finance)

    Your table is where you nourish yourself, your friendships and your family. It's where you mark the pleasures and the passing of your years and days. That's why it's worth it to set a table you love. Forget weekends spent schlepping to home goods stores, overwhelmed by quantities, underwhelmed by design, and dodging registry guns. We re-imagined the tedious process of finding top-quality table settings and researched what people actually use at home every day. Shop our Ceramics, Flatware and Glass a la carte or let us help Build a Complete Set for your lifestyle that suits your own years and days.
  • Faces of Memory

    George Hobson ’57
    Read together, the three long poems in this book constitute a kind of epic. In the manner of a cubist painting, they present, through the medium of memory, the complex portrait of a man, the poet. The poems are dramatic narratives, each providing a distinctive perspective on, and poetic use of, memory. The poet is a Christian, and the poems, which range across relationships and places he has known, evoke a life lived in faith and hope.
  • Permanent Press Editions

    Alexandra Mulvihill ’81
    Founded in 2014 by Shana Faust and Alexa Mulvihill, Permanent Press Editions is dedicated to creating original photographs that are meticulously crafted and archivally printed in Brooklyn. The owners’ shared fascination with visual narratives, passion for interiors and obsession with detail led them to develop this series of photographic collections, created for both residential and contract applications.
  • Explorer Ventures

    Clay McCardell ’80
    Step aboard one of the Explorer Ventures Fleet liveaboard dive vessels and immerse yourself in a world of underwater wonder, friendly camaraderie, outstanding service and exceptional value! Enjoy the Galapagos, Maldives, Saba/St. Kitts, Turks and Caicos, and Silver Bank. Whether diving, lounging on the sun deck, touring out-of-the-way destinations or making new friends over a great meal, a holiday with Explorer Ventures will offer memories that last a lifetime.
  • Downing Mountain Lodge

    John Lehrman ’89
    Resting on a ridge in the trees, 2,000 feet above the Bitterroot Valley, the Downing Mountain Lodge is a comfortable, accessible backcountry lodge located in western Montana near Hamilton. Designed for backcountry skiers and riders in the winter and weddings, events, family gatherings, fly fishermen and outdoor recreationists during the other seasons, it is a one of a kind, private lodge close to town and in the mountains.
  • Dundee Fruit Company

    Dick Sadler ’63
    Oregon and the Pacific Northwest grows some of the world’s best fruits and berries. The mild, wet climate is ideal for producing unmatched flavor. The short season for these great fruits makes them largely unavailable to most people outside of the region. We founded Dundee Fruit Company to make these wonderful fruits and berries available to everyone. We are dedicated to doing everything we can to preserve the natural qualities of this truly great produce.
  • Field to Fragrance

    Kelly Heaton ’90
    Once upon a time, perfume really meant something. The ingredients were sacred, and the scents were mesmerizing. We remember the old formulas with great fondness, and we lament the shift towards aggressive and overly synthetic fragrances. Field to Fragrance, and The Virginia Perfume Company, are dedicated to the revival of the authentic parfum of days gone by.
  • Raddish

    Seth Barnes ’97
    At Raddish, we're on a mission to deliver culinary experiences that nurture kids’ confidence in the kitchen and beyond. Each month's kit features an exciting culinary theme and lesson with collectable tools, apron patches and more! The delicious hours I spent eating and talking over meals at St. Paul's were integral to my education, so it's exciting to facilitate the same kind of experiences every day!
  • Block Shop Textiles

    Lily ’01 and Hopie ’03 Stockman
    Block Shop is a textile company that marries the traditional Indian hand block printing process with a modern California aesthetic. Featuring scarves and pillows, the company’s mission is to make heirloom textiles that have high social benefit and low environmental impact. Be sure to use code “SPS” at checkout for 15% off all Block Shop orders!

    Joshua Resnikoff ’99
    CUPPOW is an American company who develops everyday products to help us live a low-impact life. CUPPOW develops products that can be used every day as alternatives to disposables. The flagship product is the Cuppow drinking lid for canning jars, a simple adaptor that allows people to upcycle an everyday item into the only travel mug they’ll ever need.
  • gâté comme des filles chocolates

    Alex Whisnant ’01
    gâté comme des filles chocolates are fresh, seasonal ganaches, handmade in small batches. Alex Whisnant launched the company in Paris in 2012 and now operates out of Somerville, Mass. Look for Alex's new chocolate shop in Somerville's Bow Market. 
  • Glassybaby

    Lee Rhodes ’81 (founder) and Bill Cummings '79 (CEO)
    While entertaining friends, Lee drops a tea light into a hand-blown glass vessel, and the first glassybaby is born. Glassybaby come in hundreds of colors, each one with a unique name and meaning. Crafted by glassblower artisans in Seattle and Berkeley, each one of a kind. Glassybaby has given over $9 million to non-profits all over the country. Visit Lee in NYC this holiday season at the glassybaby pop up at 300 Bleeker Street through November 26. 
  • Page Sargisson Jewelry

    Page Sargisson ’93
    Page’s jewelry is coveted by celebrities including Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon and Christy Turlington, and carried in many boutiques around the world including Barneys Tokyo, ABC Carpet & Home, & Sundance Catalog. New for this year, Page is giving members of the SPS community an extra 15% off their purchase by using the promo code “SPS” at checkout. And be sure to visit Rowan, a hypoallergenic earring subscription box company for tweens, where Page is creative director.   
  • Poems for Your Brave Heart

    Paula Paquette ’79
    Poems for Your Brave Heart by Paula M. S. Paquette includes poems on a variety of subjects: some light-hearted, some serious, some inspirational, some challenging, all meaningful. All of the poems are appropriate for any audience. A book of poetry with a hand-written note from you to the recipient is a lovely gift that will be appreciated often.
  • South of the Mountain Tileworks

    Pamela Hudson ’74
    It’s easy to add some character using the one-of-a-kind, handmade art tile murals from South of the Mountain Tileworks. Whether part of an installation or an architectural design, these colorful pieces are at home in the kitchen, bathroom, fireplace surrounds and beyond.
  • The War for China's Wallet: Profiting from the New World Order

    Shaun Rein ’96
    Post-financial crisis, China has emerged as the largest or second largest trading partner for most countries. Yet the profits come at a price for countries and companies alike they must adhere to the political goals of Beijing or else face economic punishment or outright banishment. Using primary research from interviews with hundreds of business executives and government officials, The War for China’s Wallet will help companies understand how to profit from China’s outbound economic plans as well as a shifting consumer base that is increasingly nationalistic.