Surrounded by the Tien Track, the SPS Big Red football team practices and plays on the Guzzo Family Field, which is equipped with lights, an elevated handicap-accessible grandstand and a press box for filming.

At the end of the field nearest the Athletic and Fitness Center, the Blass Club House houses athletic memorabilia, bathroom facilities and a satellite athletic training room. A deep and talented squad, Big Red football regularly produces All-Evergreen and All-New England honors, and many players who continue their football careers in college.

All SPS athletes have access to our 98,000 square-foot LEED-certified athletic center, which includes an indoor turf field, fully equipped cardiovascular room and a state-of-the-art weight training room. Athletic trainers are on hand for practices and games to ensure the health, well-being and development of every student-athlete.

Interested in Joining the Team?

If you are applying to St. Paul’s School and interested in playing varsity football, please complete this questionnaire.

Football Team 2022

Team coaches

Craig Vandersea
Head Coach
(603) 229-4836
Timothy “Tim” Caryl-Klika
Assistant Coach
(603) 229-5639
Peter Ellinwood
Assistant Coach
Alec Engler
Assistant Coach
Michael “Mike” Ricard
Assistant Coach
(603) 229-4649
Peter Tuttle
Assistant Coach


Name # Position
Moreis, Antone 2 RB/SS
Blomstrom, Cooper 3 MLB/FB/WR/TE
Gilliard, Brantley 4 WR/FS
Blake, Denholm 6 WR/CB
Tewksbury, Jackson 7 CB/RB
Bohan, Conley 8 WR/CB
Caryl-Klika, Quinlan 9 FB/SS
Sullivan, Daniel 10 QB/DB
Benedict, Montgomery 11 WR/SS
Belsher, Auguste 12 QB/FS
Bentley, Sam 13 WR/FS
Vergara, Ivan 14 FS/WR
Warder, Clifton 15 QB/FS
Sheehy, Eoin 16 WR/DB
Taylor, Gabriel 17 WR/DB
Fidler, Cole 18 WR/CB
Seruma, Linus 19 WR/FS
Myers, Jamari 21 CB/WR
Trevisani, Pierce 22 WR/CB
Merriam, Josh 23 RB/CB
Ezgar, Jackson 25 WR/CB
Taylor, Harlem 26 RB/LB
Samuels, Joshua 28 WR/DB
Ramirez, Cristopher 30 WR/DB
High, Alexander 31 RB/MLB
Charles, David 32 MLB/FB
Pollard, Connor 33 FB/MLB
Michaud, John 35 RB/SS
Folsom, Bryan 35 RB/SS
Daniell, Carson 36 MLB/RB
Aston, Sherrell 40 WR/DB
Nam, Jung Hyun 41 WR/DB
Falk, Douglas 42 TE/LB
Clark, Angus 44 WR/DB
Seward, Michael 46 RB/LB
Bretl, Jack 50 C/MLB
Morton, Alexander 51 MLB/G
Griffith, Sky 52 OL/DL
Rodgers, Dylan 53 G/DT
Hernandez, Emmanuel 54 OL/DL
Robins, Mason 55 OL/DL
Stephen-Wangboje, Glory 57 T/DT
Reid, Mark 58 T/DT
Wu, Kevin 59 TE/DE
Delorey, Quinton 60 OL/DL
Sanchez, Luis 70 T/DT
Winter, Grant 72 DE/TE
Mihalak, Andrew 75 DE/G
Obiorah, Ernest 76 DT/T
Oraelosi, Odigomma 77 OT/DT
Bryant, Rocco 80 TE/DE
Maina, Mekhi 82 WR/DB
Barker-Stewart, Joshua 83 TE/LB
Kurtz, Ryder 84 WR/FS
Clark, Landon 85 WR/DB
Thiery, Alexandre 89 WR/DB