The SPS Nordic season begins with dry-land training that includes long runs on the SPS trail network, strength work and some mountain hiking/running and roller-skiing.

Once snow falls, athletes take advantage of the School’s 5k trail network, which is well-groomed throughout the winter. The Nordic roster has included as many as 30 skiers, making it the largest in the Lakes Region League, and whether new to the sport or experienced, everyone grows in skill and ability throughout the season. 

Athletic trainers are on hand for every practice and race to ensure the health, well-being and development of every student-athlete. On campus, all athletes have access to our 98,000 square-foot LEED-certified athletic center, which includes a fully equipped cardiovascular room and a state-of-the-art weight training room.

Interested in Joining the Team?

If you are applying to St. Paul’s School and interested in joining the Nordic Ski team, please complete this questionnaire.

Nordic Team 2021

Team coaches

Scott Betournay
Head Coach
(603) 229-4747
Eli Durmer
Assistant Coach
(603) 229-5500, ext. 6065
Lucinda Muther
Assistant Coach
(603) 229-5500, ext. 6013


Name # Position Form Hometown
Anderson, Benjamin 2026 New London, NH
Campbell, James 2023 Goshen, KY
Dase, Jonathan 2024 Atlanta, GA
Douglas, Alexander Captain 2023 Hailey, ID
Huang, Yuqi 2024 Guangzhou, China
Nichols, George 2024 McLean, VA
Salazar Anaya, Lucas 2024 Ridgefield, CT
Smith, Harrison 2026 Frankfort, IL
Sulger, John 2024 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Walton, Alonzo Captain 2023 Jacksonville, FL