The Civics Honors Seminar grows from the School’s mission to intellectually and morally challenge our students as they “engage as servant leaders in a complex world.” This opportunity enables highly motivated, self-directed students to pursue study, research, and experiential learning in U.S. government, law, or public policy, during their Fifth and Sixth Form years. Students develop a deeper and more nuanced understanding of why individuals gather to form governments, how governments function, and what rights and duties we all possess as citizens.

During the fall of the Fifth Form year, students and their parents fill out an application, indicating interest in a suitable summer internship opportunity for the student. Parents arrange accommodations and transportation, allowing the students to participate in the internship. The application includes questions about the student’s experience and interest in government, law, and public policy.

Students accepted by the program attend fall and winter seminars designed to support them in their search for acceptable internships. If a student has met all of the periodic milestones and has secured an acceptable internship by the end of Winter Term, they are accepted into the Civics Honors Seminar.