7. Optional supplementary materials.

In addition to the requirements listed above, supplementary materials for athletes, ballet dancers, and musicians can be submitted directly to the following individuals for consideration:
Athletes: Send a recorded sample of a recent game or competition to Craig Vandersea in the Admission Office, cvandersea@sps.edu. Be sure to indicate clearly which sport(s) you play.

Classical Ballet Dancers: Arrange to take a placement class by contacting Ms. Kate Lydon at 603-229-4689 or klydon@sps.edu. If you cannot visit the School, please send a recorded sample of your work to Ms. Kate Lydon, SPS Dance Department.

Musicians: Send a YouTube link of your work with one or two selections, 6 to 10 minutes in length, to Mr. Orlando Pandolfi, SPS Music Department, opandolfi@sps.edu.

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