Choral Evensong

Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul
Keiser Concert Series 2018-19
Free and open to the public

"When I sit in the cathedral, I see history, music and architecture paraded before me. One of the great duties of faith is to be the carrier of culture. Religions are the repository of our wonderful liturgical music and the majestic language of the King James Bible. The soaring architecture evokes images of both the Medieval roots of our European history and the Victorian English who, whether we like it or not, shaped much of the Australian persona. The art and painting, while less than genius, are the greatest of religious art (unfortunately to be found in other places). And the music is, for aficionados, deeply moving. It is the total package."  — Blogger, Melbourne, Australia

The SPS Chapel Choir
Nicholas White, director
Mary Dolch, organist
Mark Cleveland, guest baritone

Preces & Responses: Ayleward
Phos Hilaron: Nicholas White
Canticles: Orlando Gibbons Short Service             
Anthem: Five Mystical Songs - R. Vaughan Williams