Choral Evensong

Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul
Keiser Concert Series 2018-19
Free and open to the public

"Very hard working students say that it provides a time towards the end of the day when you can just sit in silence and tune out all of these influences. I do wonder if it might be related to the trend for mindfulness in this era where we are constantly bombarded from the internet, from media, from mobile devices which are hard to get away from.”  — Neil McCleery, Assistant Chaplain, New College, Oxford

The SPS Chapel Choir
Nicholas White, director
Mary Dolch, organist

Preces & Responses: Ayleward
Phos Hilaron: Nicholas White
Canticles: Te Deum in C - C.V. Stanford & Nunc Dimittis - Geoffrey Burgon        
Anthem: I Was Glad - C.H.H. Parry