St. Paul’s School recognizes and celebrates quinquennial Reunions. They are a time to celebrate and to reunite with formmates. Form Directors and Form Agents, in coordination with the School’s Alumni and Development staff, work together to plan, organize, and fundraise for the 5th through 75th reunions.
The School depends on the generosity, enthusiasm, and spirit of its reunion forms to anchor the SPS Annual Fund. Successful reunion forms set the pace for the SPS Annual Fund, and help to inspire other forms through their form gift.
The School recognizes two gift totals in any form’s reunion year, the Reunion Annual Fund Gift and the Reunion Total Gift. At Anniversary Weekend we celebrate and acknowledge each form’s Reunion Annual Fund Gift in hopes that many will set new records for dollars and/or participation.
The Reunion Annual Fund Gift includes the form’s cash gifts to the SPS Annual Fund in the year of the Reunion. To count for participation, a gift must be made to the Annual Fund.
The Reunion Total Gift includes all gifts and pledges during the reunion year and in the four years prior to the Anniversary (planned gifts will be credited based on our established crediting policies). A gift may only be counted in one Reunion Total Gift. Participation matters most. Everyone is encouraged to participate in her or his reunion form gift. Levels of support will vary from form to form, and from person to person, but your form agents will likely ask for a “stretch” gift from everyone in the form.
Please remember, every gift – no matter the size – is meaningful to SPS. If you are not able to make a gift at one of the gift club levels, or if you have not been a regular supporter of The SPS Annual Fund, we hope you will consider participating in a reunion year. Reunion form gift records are recognized on both dollars and participation rates, so every gift is significant!


The chart below indicates the current reunion record holders for both dollars and participation.
Held by
5th 76% 2006
10th 90% 2006
15th 76% 2002
20th 84% 1993
25th 79% 1989
30th 84% 1981
35th 66% 1968
40th 76% 1962
45th 77% 1970
50th 99% 1962
55th 88% 1961
60th 98% 1955
65th 100% 1951
70th 100% 1945
75th 100% 1940/1943/1944
80th 100% 1939
Held by
5th   $16,917 2002
10th   $46,432 2006
15th   $71,184 1989
20th $161,497 1994
25th $359,596 1992
30th $351,313 1983
35th $264,081 1983
40th $305,608 1978
45th $170,448 1974
50th $427,727 1969
55th $155,887 1960
60th $135,766 1958
65th   $84,871 1952
70th   $74,938 1945
75th   $73,685 1944
80th     $1,288 1939