“An investment in education is the very best investment you can make in the future.”
Kathy Giles, Fourteenth Rector 
Each day in the life of a St. Paul’s School student invites and requires scholarship, leadership, character, and community – all in the service of bringing good, in its myriad shapes and forms, to a world in need.
That 360 experience is as immersive and powerful and connective and transformative as ever. Those elements most important to our community in our School Prayer – kindness, unselfishness, thoughtfulness, and compassion – are among the most powerful antidotes to skepticism and cynicism and disbelief. We speak and practice and see and experience them at school every day.
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Alejandro Toledo-Navarro ’19
Newark, New Jersey
“St. Paul’s School has been a huge influence on me as a person and has made me more aware of the opportunities around me. I've always been interested in the sciences but didn’t have the resources to pursue them. Coming here gave me those tools.”
Estela Lacombe França ’19
São Paulo, Brazil
“The people make SPS what it is. This place combines people of diverse backgrounds and identities who have one common goal: to improve themselves and the world around them. It is a life-changing experience to live among them.”
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Goal $6,700,000.00
Current: $3,297,858.00
Current Alumni Participation: 17%
Current Parent Participation: 27%
As of Date: 1/31/2020