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SPS crafts classes and courses of study designed for students interested in sustained research and deep scholarship. The program draws upon multiple, traditional and emerging academic disciplines to enhance the entire educational experience and culminates with intensive travel and immersion in the Fifth and Sixth Form years, all created to keep pace with student interest and ability.

Faith, New York

“I've always wanted to write, and to write a novel, and this is the perfect opportunity. The fact that I'm able to do it, get credit for it, and have a really great support system around me is incredible.”

Advanced Topics

Sixth formers have an additional opportunity in Advanced Topics to pursue advanced independent work in their chosen discipline with the guidance of a faculty member. All proposals for Advanced Topics are reviewed and voted on by the Dean of Studies and the five academic department heads.

Applied Science & Engineering

Students in the Applied Science & Engineering Program (ASEP) in preparation for the world’s leading science programs. Learn how to test problem solutions and reflect on successes and glitches before building a revised solution. Students are invited to obtain an internship during the summer after their Fifth Form year in science interests including engineering, astronomy, computer science, biology. Regardless of the sub-discipline, the ASEP program focuses on experiential learning where the students become the owners of their education.

Classical Honors

The languages, literatures, histories, and cultures of ancient Greece and Rome have been a cornerstone of the SPS  curriculum since its founding more than 150 years ago. The epic poetry of Homer and Virgil, the speeches of Cicero, and the philosophy of Plato are learned and spoken in the original languages. Join the Classics Society and compete in Certamen, a Latin quiz bowl, in tournaments across New England. The Classical Honors Program combines the Honors Latin sequence with two or more years of Greek and leads to a special Classical Honors Diploma at graduation.

Independent Study Program

Many students opt to undertake an independent study project (ISP) during their Sixth Form year. It’s a great opportunity to explore an interest in depth. Recent independent study projects have included externships in a lab or business, terms abroad, working in movie production, and writing a book of short stories. Approved proposals are overseen by a faculty adviser of the student’s choosing.

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