Off-Campus Programs

During the 2021-22 academic year, all international off-campus programs are suspended due to COVID-19. Three Community Engagement Programs will run the first week of March Break — one in-person and two virtual.
St. Paul’s School believes that a student’s education extends beyond the classroom and that a change in physical environment necessarily enriches perspective. Our educational philosophy embraces diversity and endorses the principle that as individuals we learn when we broaden our own beliefs, values, and customs and seek out the wisdom and experience of others. To foster these values, we encourage our students to pursue an authentic understanding of a culture different from their own and to engage this new culture with an open mind.

Off-Campus Programs provide a variety of experiences – from a year immersed in the culture and language of another country – to a week spent working on a service-learning project in a different region of the United States. Programs are designed to accommodate student schedules, interests, and a sense of adventure that translates into the challenge and triumph that comes from stepping into something new. Explore!
    • Spain

School Year Abroad

Students in their Fifth or Sixth Form years have the opportunity to live and study abroad while earning academic credit that may be applied to their St. Paul’s School graduation requirements. The School Year Abroad (SYA) experience immerses students in new cultures by living with a local host family and participating in an academic program emphasizing foreign language acquisition.

    • Paris 2018

Short-Term Language

Short-Term Cultural

Community Engagement

Explore the World!

For a complete list of the programs being offered for the 2020-21 academic year, please contact Director of Off-Campus Programs Sarah Keefe

Call: 603-229-4845

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