Letter from the Rector

Concerning his departure in June 2018
Mr. Archibald Cox, Jr.
President of the Board of Trustees
St. Paul’s School
325 Pleasant Street
Concord, NH 03301
May 20, 2018
Dear Archie,
After careful consideration I write to request that you allow me to accelerate my departure from the School from June 30, 2019, to June 30, 2018.
Eight years ago when I entered the search process to become the School’s Thirteenth Rector, I did so out of my heartfelt belief that I could help move the School forward by building on the best elements of its history while pushing it to look beyond itself for ideas and practices that would best serve our students. I am extremely proud of the work my colleagues and I have done in advancing this vision. I am also extremely proud of our students and their commitment to being co-builders of a healthier and stronger school culture.
This has been an unusually painful time for the entire School community and also for my family. It is for this reason that I hope you will allow me to step down earlier than I had originally planned.
While I had hoped to make further headway before leaving in addressing the wrongs of the past, I am confident that this critical work will continue and its ultimate legacy will be a better St. Paul’s School.
Finally, and I hope this goes without saying, I am deeply grateful for your and the board of trustees’ leadership of our school and support of me. Together with Liesbeth, Hannah and Gus you all have been a source of steadfast guidance and love. Thank you all.
Michael G. Hirschfeld ’85, P’14,’17