Letter from Board President Archibald Cox, Jr. '58

Concerning the Rector's departure in June 2018
To the St. Paul’s School Community,
I join Mike Hirschfeld today in announcing his departure from the School after this academic year. We will all miss him immensely. I know I speak for the entire board and community in this regard. A copy of Mike’s letter can be found here.
As board president, I simply want to express the trustees’ gratitude for his leadership and reiterate what was said in January when his retirement was announced. During his years as Rector, Mike has overseen major advancements in meeting the mission of the School, among them the expansion and integration of campus facilities, development of the School’s unique integrated curriculum, a transformation in academic professionalism, and numerous efforts to strengthen the school community, while at the same time having to deal with unprecedented challenges on numerous fronts.
As you know, the board of trustees is already deeply engaged in the search for the next rector, and in the weeks ahead we will determine how best to manage the interim period before the new rector’s term begins.
On behalf of all of the trustees, I thank you, Mike, for all you have done for the great institution that St. Paul’s is and for your continued devotion to the School. We certainly wish you well.
Archibald Cox, Jr. ’58
President of the Board of Trustees