Message from Board President Archibald Cox, Jr. '58 to Faculty and Staff

concerning interim and permanent Rector search
Dear Members of the Faculty and Staff,
I write to express my thanks to you for your patience and ongoing good work on behalf of SPS during this time of transition. St. Paul’s is and will remain a great institution thanks to all of you and the great students we are able to attract. Let’s keep up the good work while we navigate through what surely are rough seas.
I am sure the Rector situation is on everyone’s mind as it is on mine and the entire board’s. We hope to have the search for an Interim Rector completed by the end of June, but I can’t say for certain that it will be. Spencer Stuart is working with us on this search as well as on the search for a permanent Rector. They are developing a list of candidates and will be reaching out to potential candidates this week after consultations with the search committee. We have received many suggestions from various parts of the community, including some internal candidates. We will consider one and all. Some people have asked whether we would appoint an interim for two years rather than one. I think this is unlikely, but will be governed by how the search for a permanent Rector goes.
The search for a permanent Rector is progressing on schedule. The position specification is just being finalized after gathering input from various constituencies and should be available before Anniversary. Members of the search committee have been meeting with potential candidates and gathering input from other institutions. These meetings have been very helpful. We expect to have the first formal round of interviews in late June with a second round in July. We are considering all names put forward, and there appear to be some very good candidates. At present I am optimistic about the outcome.
I look forward to seeing many of you at Anniversary and Graduation Weekend during which time we will have the opportunity to thank Mike for his years of service and great dedication to what is a great institution, St. Paul’s School.
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Best to all,