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Tenley Rooney
171 new Paulies arrive in Millville for the 2018-19 academic year

The steady stream of cars making the turn from Pleasant Street onto Dunbarton Road in early September can mean only one thing: It’s Opening Day. This year the School welcomes 171 newcomers from 32 different states and 11 different countries as it starts its 163rd session on Friday, September 7.
As this diverse group converges in Millville they will be greeted outside the Rectory by Sixth Form Officers Estela Lacombe Franca (president), Elena Guild (vice president), David Roselle (secretary), and Aaron Magloire (treasurer), before entering the building to meet interim Rector Amy Richards and mark their official entry into the School community. Franca recalled the mix of excitement and nervousness she experienced arriving for her first day as a new Fourth Former.
“Looking back on it, I met some of the people who would become my closest friends on my first day at SPS,” said Franca. “It is strange, but at the same time amazing, to think that people who I did not know three years ago are now an unequivocal part of who I am. I shook hands with people who ended up being my best friends. I introduced myself to teachers who are now mentors I go to for anything. And I stepped foot, for the first time, into my second home.”
Among this year’s new Third, Fourth, and Fifth Formers are eight regional scholars, a program that draws students from all corners of the country, as well as accomplished musicians, aspiring scientists, debate enthusiasts, and varsity athletes.
“Each year around this time I reminded of why I am so proud to be associated with St. Paul’s – it is the kids,” said Dean of Admission Scott Bohan ’94. “They are inspiring, and the entire campus comes alive when they return. I know that our 171 new students are going to add to the magic. They are talented, smart, involved in a million things, and really nice young people. I am excited to watch them start their own SPS journeys.”