On a Mission

The Groton St. Paul's Challenge Cup celebrates sportsmanship and service

Established three years ago, the Groton St. Paul’s Challenge Cup commends sportsmanship and a commitment to serving the greater good through interscholastic competition and acts of goodwill. While athletic matches determine the winner of the cup, the schools alternate choosing a local charity to benefit in the name of this friendly rivalry. This year, the School’s Missionary Society (MISH) officers have selected the Salvation Army’s McKenna House in Concord as the beneficiary of their charitable contributions.
The McKenna House works to provide emergency housing, case management, and client-centered support in the city for adults who are considered unsheltered. Over the past 33 years as an organization, the McKenna House has worked to provide over 99,000 nights of shelter, as well as offering over 69,300 meals to roughly 11,000 homeless adults.
“The MISH officers found that this charity tied in perfectly with our initiative this year surrounding the topic of homelessness,” said Macie Gruver ’19, president of MISH. “Throughout the school year, we plan on informing St. Paul's students and faculty on how homelessness is affecting our surrounding community; by doing this, we hope to not only raise awareness but encourage those to take action and give back.”
In the inaugural year of the Groton St. Paul’s Challenge Cup, MISH selected the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central New Hampshire as the recipient.