Getting Started

Bryan Geary
Nikhil ’21: Coming to SPS as a Fourth Former

Growing up in nearby Nashua, New Hampshire, Nikhil Vootkur ’21 was very familiar with most of the students in his hometown school. The most exciting thing was when someone was from as far away as the next town over. Now, as an SPS student, he is getting used to having to ask where his formmates call home.
“The first friend I made here was from Hong Kong,” he said. “And the second was from Wyoming.”
Vootkur joined St. Paul’s School this fall as a Fourth Former in search of more opportunities than he could find in his hometown, and he found what he was looking for in the people and community of St. Paul’s School. “When you walk on the paths everyone actually says hi to you,” he said. “I thought that was a gimmick on a tour but it’s a real thing. This is a community of people who really want to be here, faculty and students alike.”
This is something he now relays to prospective students as a tour guide. He brings an enthusiasm to this, and everything else he does at SPS, that is hard to miss. On top of guiding more than 40 tours for visiting families in his first two terms at the School, Vootkur dove into new experiences on the Debate Team, the Nordic skiing team, and The Pelican, the student newspaper.
“It’s really easy to get started in new things here,” he said. “All you have to do is be a little outgoing and someone will see the potential in you and take you under their wing.”