On Their Honor

Tenley Rooney
Academic achievement recognized

As the academic year wound to a close, the School community recognized outstanding scholarship and service to the School in an awards ceremony in Chapel on May 29.
National German Prize Exam Gold Medals
Form of 2019: Charlie Kauffman, Son Nguyen, Leo Pandolfi, Liam Parker, Abbe Riffle
Form of 2020: Ellie Neel, Anders Holmes, Annie Xiong
Form of 2021: Linda Pang, Jake Meyers, Brennan Hoppa, Thomas Etchart
Form of 2022: Emma Claire Horvarth
Second place in New England on the Level 3 Exam: Charlie Kauffman ’19
Second place in New England on the Advanced Level Exam: Son Nguyen ’19
National Latin Examination
Summa or Maxima Cum Laude distinctions
Form of 2019: Neel Banerjee, Brian Cowhey, Mabry Sansbury, Dmitri Solzhenitsyn, Elizabeth Bryant, Aileen Lo, Andrew Jung, Annie Lee
Form of 2020: Thomas MacEachron, Alison Liu, Ella Cohen
Form of 2021: Khuan-Yu Hall, Anna Solzhenitsyn, Emma Ekstrand, Garrison Famiglio, Caleb Lee, Tim Mei, Emily Xin, Henry Zhang, Gracie Shaw, Frank Kinlin, Orion Griffin, Dan Cho
Form of 2022: Fitz Frechette, Jackie Chen, Ryan Murphy, Arden Rickards, Tony Xiao, Eileen Riley
National Latin Examination
Perfect scores on the National Latin Examination: Caleb Lee ’21, Anna Solzhenitsyn ’21, and Yu Qi Xin ’21
National Latin Exam Committee and the American Classical League as the winner of the Maureen O’Donnell Oxford Classical Dictionary Award
Mabry Sansbury ’19 and Dmitri Solzhenitsyn ’19
National Greek Examination
Highest Honors, High Honors, and Merit commendation:
Form of 2019: Neel Banerjee, Brian Cowhey, Dmitri Solzhenitsyn, Aileen Lo, Mabry Sansbury
Form of 2020: Tom Brockett, Hope Silva
Form of 2021: Caleb Lee, Anna Solzhenitsyn, Garrison Famiglio
Form of 2022: Finn Goss
American Mathematics Competition Contests
Certificates of distinction for qualifying for the second level of the AMC contests known as the American Invitational Mathematics Examination (AIME):
Daniel Choi ’20, Brianna Edgar ’20, Mika Kwon ’19, Claire Yoo ’20, and Kenny Ziniti ’20
AMC 12A school winner: Daniel Choi ’20 and Claire Yoo ’20
AMC 10A school winner: Finn Goss ’22
AMC 12B school winner: Daniel Choi ’20
AMC 10B school winner: Austin Powell ’22
Community Outreach Program Leaders
Declan Casey ’22 and Katherine Hughes ’19
St. Paul's School Certificates
ASSIST student from Germany: Nele Guelland
Weicker Scholar student from France: Louis Falcoz
Seikei student from Japan: Mana Takada
The WSPS-FM Award
Presented to the student who has most effectively contributed to the promotion and success of the SPS radio station.
Leon Stanley Clark III
The Horae Editor's Medals
Presented to the editors of the School literary publication, Horae Scholasticae.
Steven Wang and Aaron Louis Magloire
The Yearbook Award
These awards are presented to the editors of the Yearbook whose creative ideas, leadership, devotion, and countless hours of hard work have contributed to the successful completion of the Yearbook.
 Elizabeth Durston Bryant and Elena Amau Guild
The Abidoye Family Debate Prize
Established by the Abidoye family, this prize is awarded to the student who has contributed the most to the debate program in terms of effort, ability, and leadership.
Joshua Daneil Beirich, Mary Katherine Langan, and Estela Lacombe França
The Maybank Prize for Fine Arts and Architecture
Awarded to an exceptional student whose interest and talent in art or architecture would benefit from travel abroad following his or her Fifth Form year.
Triet Minh Vo ’20
The Ohrstrom Library Design Prize
This prize is awarded, at the art faculty’s recommendation, to the student who, in a design workshop or classroom, best exhibits an appreciation for architecture as an independent discipline and as a reflection of larger cultural and social issues.
Chandler Kennedy Vogel ’22
The Margaret Wood Schlich Prize
Established by Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Kurth, the is prize is awarded annually to the author of the best one-act play.
Aaron Louis Magloire
The Keiser Prizes for Musical Performance
The Keiser Prizes are awarded to the winners of the Keiser Competition in a public performance before the School. Prizes are awarded for composition, for performance on keyboard, for performance on instrument, and for performance in voice.
Wind Division: Anna Solzhenitsyn ’21
Performance on Keyboard: Ke Nicole Du Hu ’22
String Division: Yixuan Li ’21
Performance in Voice: Samuel Middleton Hobbs
The Giles Prize
In honor of Paul Trafton Giles, director of the band for 14 years, this prize was given by his family and friends and the Band of 1977. It is awarded to the student who has most closely followed the example set by Mr. Giles in spirit, leadership, musicianship, and dedication to the St. Paul's School Band.
Leo Clark Pandolfi
The Nancy and George R. Smith Prize for Orchestra
This prize was established in 1998 in loving memory of George Rockwell Smith of the Form of 1931 and his wife, Nancy, by his family, formmates, students, and members of the SPS faculty. George Smith spent 48 years at St. Paul's School, first as a student and then as master, coach, head of the Lower School, and head of the mathematics department. It is awarded for the highest degree of leadership, dedication, and achievement in the Chamber Orchestra.
Olivia Chuang
The Sprague Chorus Prize
The Sprague Prize, given in memory of Edward Meade Sprague of the Form of 1973, is presented to the student, who, by talent and dedicated spirit, upholds the choral traditions of St. Paul's School.
Olivia Catherine Fletcher
The Channing Lefebvre Memorial Medal
This medal is presented to the student whose contribution to the choir exemplifies the spirit and devotion with which Channing Lefebvre served St. Paul's School and the University Glee Club.
Samuel Middleton Hobbs
The Hackett Prize
Established by Mr. and Mrs. Montague H. Hackett in honor of their sons, graduates of St. Paul's School in 1950 and 1953, the Hackett Prize is awarded to the member of the Sixth Form who achieves the highest score in English on the College Entrance Board Examinations.
Estela Lacombe França
The H. Boone Porter Prize
Awarded to the Fifth or Sixth Form student who submits the best essay discussing the application of religious beliefs and values in formulating public policy in a field chosen by the applicant.
Olivia Chuang
The Drumm Prize
Founded by Harry K. White of the Form of 1880, in memory of former master Rev. Thomas J. Drumm, this prize is offered to the student who, irrespective of form, attains the highest distinction in Latin, as evidenced by daily marks and record of examinations.
Dmitri Solzhenitsyn               
The Oakes Greek Prize
Given in the name of F. Warren Oakes Jr. of the Form of 1911 by his father, this prize is awarded for the best examination on the writing of Xenophon.
Gwendolyn Anne Tait
The Heckscher Prize
The Heckscher Prize was created by Philip and Frances Hofer in honor of the three generationsof Heckschers who have attended the School. They are Stephen, Philip, Charles, and Benjamin. The prize is awarded annually to one or more students to defray expenses connected with theses or projects of exceptional merit.
Aaron Louis Magloire and Emily Annemarie Barker ’20
The Joseph Howland Coit Medal
In memory of the Second Rector of the School, this medal is awarded for the best solution of original exercises in plane geometry.
Jessica-Ann Osaretin Ereyi ’20
The Burke Biodiversity Award
This award is given by Coleman P. Burke of the Form of 1959 to recognize the student or stu-
dents who by inclination, participation, and achievement have demonstrated the greatest interest in understanding and preserving the natural world and its biodiversity. The award supports further supervised active study and/or direct involvement in understanding the natural world and its biodiversity.
Alessandra Price Kimball and Leila Sierra Prado ’21
The Lovejoy Science Prize
This award is given by Frederick H. Lovejoy Jr. of the Form of 1955 to the student who has best integrated science into a liberal arts education and has demonstrated through academic performance, independent project work and enhancement of science in student life.
Emma Katherine Born
The Kiril and Kate Sokoloff Prize
Awarded to a Fifth Former who has shown exceptional kindness and compassion; seeks a personal transformation toward spirituality; demonstrates a vision to make the world a better place through service for the good of mankind; and acts as an inspirational leader to his or her peers and classmates. The prize supports a special project proposed by the student and approved by the Rector and the Dean of Chapel.
Kendra Grace Kaericher ’20
The Form of 1971 Visionary Award
Established in 2001, this award honors a Fifth Former who has demonstrated exceptional originality, creativity, capacity for self-direction, and other immeasurable, often unheralded qualities that have been a source of inspiration for fellow students and other members of the
St. Paul’s School community.
Kelsey Laughlin Chase ’20
Career Perfect Attendance, Form of 2019
Emily Abbruzzese
Haylie Adams
Bridget Babcock
Elizabeth Hadley Bassett
Luis Alberto Caballero
Eloise Catlin
Luming Chen
Olivia Chuang
Samantha Ciancio
Martin Tate Dubilier
Elizabeth Ferraro
Olivia Fletcher
Paige Galle
Elena Guild
Samuel Henderson
Livia Hughes
Estela Lacombe França
Mary Katherine Langan
Anne Lee
Blake Letourneau
Aaron Magloire
Dañielie Ramirez
Abbe Riffle
David Roselle
Elisabeth Spencer
Scott Spurzem
Kristin Van Everen
Alexandra Venero
Sophie Ward
Helen Lark White
Moeka Xu
Excellence in Attendance, Form of 2019
Andrew Beran
Caroline Bonnett
Alison Brawley
Riley Drew
Angus Gruner
Alessandra Kimball
Nilsson Lawrence
Catherine Reynolds
Mabry Sansbury
Gwendolyn Tait
Josie Varney
Isabelle Yonce