Statement Concerning First Bi-Annual Report by Independent Compliance Overseer

For the past six months, Compliance Overseer Jeff Maher has extended himself through the St. Paul’s School community, getting to know the school by living the life, day-to-day, of our students, faculty, and staff. In this first report to the Attorney General, Mr. Maher’s observations and recommendations offer us many opportunities to continue to build and reinforce a healthy school culture and to make sure that our mindset, policies, and practices reflect the priority of student safety and well-being. Specific to record-keeping, as one of the first secondary schools to embrace MAXIENT student life technology, we are addressing the specifics of Mr. Maher’s recommendations regarding reporting, record-keeping, and communication while at the same time using the data generated to make our work and communication more timely and effective.
We embrace these opportunities and these recommendations, and we will continue to align our ongoing work with these expectations as well as with evolving best practices in training and support offered by community-based and national resources now engaged with our school.
Kathleen C. Giles
Rector, St. Paul’s School