St. Paul's School, Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire, and UNH Prevention Innovations Research Center Announce New Health and Safety Partnerships

St. Paul’s School (SPS), the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire (CCCNH), and the University of New Hampshire Prevention Innovations Research Center (PIRC) today announced new partnerships aimed at enhancing student health and safety.
A memorandum of understanding (MOU) between SPS and CCCNH notes that while both organizations have had an informal relationship in the past, this agreement will formalize their collaboration to prevent domestic and sexual violence on campus. Highlights of the partnership include:
Providing a 24-hour crisis hotline, advocacy and support services, crisis intervention, and counseling.
Assisting SPS with the ongoing assessment and enhancement of their prevention programming, and providing training to students, faculty, and staff.
Meeting regularly to discuss best practices and services that may be needed by students and employees.
A new partnership between SPS and the PIRC will focus on the following key objectives:
Building upon SPS’s existing student prevention curricula by developing innovative strategies to disseminate key messages and skills.
Developing a multi-media student campaign to highlight positive social norms that support healthy, safe, and respectful relationships.
Enhancing prevention strategies that engage parents, alumni, and key stakeholders.
Building upon existing evaluation strategies to ensure effective prevention strategies.
“Providing a safe and healthy learning environment is the top priority for our School, and we make a strong commitment to providing our community with effective, high-quality health and safety programming,” said St. Paul’s School Rector Mike Hirschfeld. “That’s why we are very pleased to be partnering with CCCNH and PIRC, two highly respected New Hampshire-based organizations, to bring fresh eyes and expertise as we continually work to improve.”
“We are proud to launch what will be a new and meaningful relationship with St. Paul's to advance the mission of bringing an end to all sexual violence through advocacy, empowerment, and education,” said CCCNH Executive Director Paula Kelley-Wall. “I am confident that our capacities along with the strong and expanding programs currently offered by St. Paul’s School will provide important resources to students and staff.”
“Through this new relationship, we can help evaluate and ultimately strengthen the ongoing health and safety programming at St. Paul’s to create even more responsive student programs, and we look forward to working with the School in that effort,” said PIRC Executive Director Jane Stapleton.
CCCNH, formed in 1978, is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to the elimination of sexual violence and domestic violence in all its forms. The mission of CCCNH is to “end domestic and sexual violence by empowering individuals to make positive changes in their lives plus educating and engaging the community to take action to eradicate these crimes.”
PIRC was founded in 2006 by an interdisciplinary group of researchers and practitioners committed to ending sexual and relationship violence and stalking through the power of effective researcher-community practitioner partnerships. The PIRC works collaboratively to develop and evaluate prevention strategies, evidence-based measures to document the problems of sexual and relationship violence and stalking, and comprehensive community tools to address the causes of violence effectively.
A copy of the MOU with CCCNH is available here. Details of the partnership with PIRC are still being finalized.
Sarah Aldag
Paula Kelley-Wall
Erika Mantz