Statement about David Pook from St. Paul's School

David Pook was a Humanities teacher who taught at St. Paul's School from 2000-2008.  In 2008, St. Paul's School separated from Mr. Pook after he violated school rules governing boundaries between faculty and students. The school found no evidence of a sexual relationship between Mr. Pook and a student.

"The school leadership at the time should never have given Mr. Pook a recommendation and the fact that it did not inform Derryfield of Mr. Pook's boundary issues was a failure for which we apologize," said Michael Hirschfeld, the current Rector of St. Paul's School.

"We are cooperating fully with the Attorney General. Protecting student well-being is our highest priority, and we have zero tolerance for faculty who endanger students," Mr. Hirschfeld added. "We have strong boundary policies in place. We train faculty in those policies, and we enforce them. Today, we would never provide a recommendation or reference for any faculty member who violates these policies."