The Water is Running

Long-term student effort is a success for sister school in Haiti
After five years, countless “Meatless Mondays,” book buy-back donations, and many other opportunities to collect support, the first phase of the water treatment and purification system at our partner school in Haiti in now complete. With the installation of a solar-powered pump, pipes to the community cistern, and water stations at Christ Roi School, the area’s children and families now have access to flowing water. The improvement is a boon for the entire community.
Pere Max, the priest at the church and the school’s teachers expressed their thanks, sending a video and photographs documenting the project’s progress. “The school and church of Christ-Roi in the town of Leger, West Department of Arcahaie, Haiti want to extend their deepest thanks for all your support in achieving the water project,” said the message on the sign they held in a group photo. “Today, with your gracious support, we can find potable water within our community, and with the water being much closer we can now access it with great ease.”
Bringing water to Christ Roi School was a significant construction effort that was originally designed by SPS Advanced Physics students in 2015. Since then, the Missionary Society (or MISH), the School’s oldest student organization, has championed the cause to ensure that poor or inadequate water supplies do not get in the way of the young students’ education, as part of its community service mission.
“It’s hard to comprehend, in a way, that students are being hindered from doing their work because they don’t have a clean source of water,” noted 2019-20 MISH President Alexander Vitkin ’20 in an interview conducted about the project last winter. “Whether they’re dealing with diseases from water-borne illnesses, or they’re getting thirsty during the day – these are hindrances to learning that we would never have here. It’s sad because it means that students aren’t getting the most out of their education because of external problems that aren’t related to their learning.”
The partnership between St. Paul’s School and Christ-Roi is part of the National Association of Episcopal  Schools (NAES) Episcopal Schools Haiti Partnerships. 



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