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Bryan Geary
SPS Musicians Accepted to New Hampshire Music Educators Classical Festival
Ten St. Paul's School musicians competed in the New Hampshire Music Educators Classical Festival (NHMEA) first ever "virtual" audition for the annual All-State event. Of the ten students who auditioned, all were accepted and will perform with musicians from around the state. The format for the festival has yet to be determined. Below are the highlights of the competition:

  • Clarinetists Blair Bao '22 and Catherine Li '24 placed second and fifth respectively, in a field of 35 total musicians
  • Cellists Hannah Deng '21, Chris Shia '23, Baurice Kovatchev '23, and Jay Park '24 placed sixth, eighth, tenth, and twelfth in a field of 17
  • Violinists and sibling Katy Scott '24 and Abigail Scott '22 placed second and third out of 54
  • Nicole Hu '22 and William Ho '21 placed second and fourth in the french horn, despite each only having played the instrument for about 18 months
Bao, Deng, Kovachev, and Abigail Scott successfully auditioned into the NHMEA for the second time, while their fellow musicians all auditioned for the first time.

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