Lunar New Year at SPS

Paul Murray
The School readies for its annual celebration of the Lunar New Year
SPS is entering its yearly period of celebration of the Lunar New Year. Despite the challenges of limited access to the Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul, Memorial Hall, and other spaces traditionally utilized, the Languages department is excited to move forward with a wide range of events for this special time of year.
Head of the Languages Department Jenny Li and new faculty member Paul Murray, who has studied the art of Chinese calligraphy for over a decade, have guided students in creating the traditional door decorations hung every year around family doors all over China. In collaboration with the Dean of Students office, the new student center at the Stovell Tennis Courts will host an entire day of traditional Chinese activities such as Ma Jiang, Chinese Karaoke, and dancing on Saturday, February 20.
    • students making chinese dumplings
    • chinese door decoration
SPS students, the Chinese society association, and those who are currently participating in distance learning from within China are all collaborating to create a video montage that showcases the celebrations happening here on campus and from the homes of those students who are in China. This is a time of welcoming things anew, and despite difficult times, bravely looking forward. SPS is happy to participate in the ushering in of a new Lunar New Year.



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