Compliance Overseer Reports Released

The New Hampshire Attorney General has released two reports regarding the School’s compliance with the 2018 Settlement Agreement reached with the Attorney General.
Today, the New Hampshire Attorney General released two reports regarding the School’s compliance with the Settlement Agreement reached with the Attorney General in September 2018. The agreement is available on the School’s website.
The Settlement Agreement requires the School’s independent compliance overseer to submit a report every six months to the Attorney General’s Office, which is required to release it to the public. The Attorney General’s Office has chosen to release two reports simultaneously: the most recent filed this summer by the School’s current compliance overseer, Donald Sullivan, and one filed last year by Jeff Maher, the compliance overseer at the time. Read both reports here.
“We are grateful for these insights and recommendations, as well as our ongoing work with Mr. Sullivan,” Rector Kathy Giles says. “We continue to meet and exceed the Settlement Agreement’s requirements, and we appreciate and value the many partners who are engaging in this work and helping us continue to build a robust, vibrant, safe, and healthy school culture for SPS students today and going forward.”
In July 2021, the School entered into a multi-year engagement with RAINN (Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network), the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. Read more about that collaboration here
The School will continue to alert the SPS community each time a report is released by the Attorney General and make it available on the Governance page of More information about the School’s work to build a healthy school culture can be found here.



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