Kristina Allard in Gordon Rink

Chasing Her Dream

by Kristin Duisberg
Tri-sport standout Kristina Allard ’22
Kristina Allard ’22 laces up her skates and steps onto the ice at the SPS Hockey Center, pushing off with fluid, powerful strides. As her blades carve wide, regular arcs in the pristine surface, it’s easy to imagine her crossing the St. Paul’s School soccer pitch with equal speed or rounding the final turn on the School’s outdoor track with the same dynamic grace.
Indeed, the Sixth Former from Kingston, New Hampshire, is a three-sport, four-year standout for SPS. But Allard says she’s long known she’s a hockey player at heart. “My first ever skate was when I was six, and that’s kind of unusual, because a lot of us who end up as hockey players start as early as two,” she says. Relatively belated though her start may have been, Allard quickly excelled — and homed in on a hockey-related goal for her future. “I literally have the Olympic rings on the wall in my room at home, and the American flag,” she says. “That’s the motivation for me to keep going — to play on that team. It’s been a dream ever since I was a little kid, from the first time I stepped onto the ice at six years old.”
Allard says it’s hard to say what she loves most about hockey, because she loves “everything” — the skill, the teamwork, the physicality. “I guess if I had to pinpoint one thing, I’d say it’s the people it’s brought into my life and the life lessons I’ve learned from it,” she says. “I could not be more grateful for having hockey in my life.”
Hockey was, in fact, what brought Allard to SPS. She spent one year at Kingston’s Sanborn Regional High School, where she made a name for herself in soccer and track. It was her prowess on the ice, however, that attracted SPS girls hockey coach Heather Farrell, who encouraged her to repeat her freshman year at the School. Though she lived less than an hour from campus, Allard had never been to the SPS grounds until she and her father made a visit at Farrell’s suggestion.
“I came here and I was like, this is the wrong turn, Dad — we turned onto a college campus,” she recalls with a laugh. “There’s no way that this place is for real.”
As a new Third Former, Allard’s impact was immediate in her three sports. The same year, she also made a verbal commitment to Northeastern University to join its top-ranked women’s ice hockey team. It’s unusual to commit so early — most college-bound student-athletes receive offers junior or senior year — and Allard is quick to describe her path as “lucky,” sharing credit with her teammates, coaches, and teachers for much of her success.
“I’m so beyond grateful for my teammates,” she says. “We’ve built up this program to be ‘we’ over ‘me,’ and that’s something that all the girls really buy into. I’m going to be best friends with all these girls for the rest of my life and I can’t thank them enough, or my teachers or my coaches, for that matter. They’ve shaped me into who I am today, and I couldn’t be more lucky to have those people in my life.”
Allard, who closed out her final SPS soccer season with All-NEPSAC honors, has her eye on NEPSAC and Lakes Region titles for the hockey team. At Northeastern, she plans to complete a five-year degree in finance and to compete in both soccer and track after her four years of ice hockey eligibility are up.
And after that? Allard will graduate from college in 2027, giving her a few years to tune up for a shot at the U.S. women’s Olympic ice hockey team.



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