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SPS Athletes Recognized in Year-end Awards

A number of awards were given out at the conclusion of Spring Term to honor athletic accomplishments during the 2021-22 academic year.
For the first time since 2019, students gathered on Graduation Lawn to participate in the traditional End of the Year Athletic Awards, which took place on Saturday, June 4.
The Girls Basketball Award: Sofia C. Mancino ’23
The Boys Alpine Ski Award: Romeo Giudici ’22
The Girls Alpine Ski Award: Madison L. Rosato ’23
The Boys Cross Country Ski Award: Eldon S. Scott III ’22
The Girls Cross Country Ski Award: Margot E. Champigneulle ’22
The Girls Soccer Award: Emma C. Burke ’22
The Softball Award: Abigail A. Matusovich ’22
The Tennis Award: Jenna E. Malone ’22
The Boys Track Award: Logan C. Gamlin ’22
The Girls Track Award: Kristina L. Allard ’22
The Volleyball Award: Faye E. Roselle ’22
The Baker-Buxton Wrestling Medal
Given by the alumni of the wrestling program to the member of the wrestling team who contributes the most to the program and carries forward the tradition of wrestling at St. Paul’s School.
Declan R. Casey ’22
The Barker Basketball Medal
Given by anonymous donors in 1972, it is awarded annually to the member of the SPS boys basketball team who attains the highest distinction in teamwork, sportsmanship and individual play.
Logan P. Carey ’23
The Beekman Pool Squash Racquets Award
Presented by Beekman H. Pool of the Form of 1928, it is awarded annually to the girls squash champion.
Calla S. Yim ’25
The Gilman Dorr Blake, Jr. Football Medal
Presented by Mr. & Mrs. Gilman Dorr Blake in memory of their son, Gilman Dorr Blake, Jr. of the Form of 1941, who gave his life for his country on January 20, 1945, the winner must be a worthy exponent not only of football ability but also of true sportsmanship.
Logan C. Gamlin ’22
The Howell P. Campbell Hockey Award
Presented by the masters of the School in memory of Howell P. Campbell of the Form of 1907, a master at the School from 1907 to 1953, it is awarded annually to the boy who throughout the school year has contributed most to the spirit and traditions of St. Paul’s School hockey.
Callum L. Welch ’22
Ronald J. Clark Squash Cup
Given in 1978 by J. David Barrett IV of the Form of 1977 in honor of Ronald J. Clark – coach, teacher, friend – it is awarded annually to the boys senior squash champion.
William C. Kenny ’22
The Coach’s Award
Presented by Ery W. Kehaya of the Form of 1942, it is awarded by the rowing coaches to the crew that has shown the teamwork, improvement and hard pulling characteristic of an outstanding crew.
Girls 3rd Boat:
Bow: Abigail L. Scott ’22; No. 2: Lucy S. Szal ’24; No. 3: Elizabeth F. Ward ’24; No. 4: Beatty M. Cathey ’23; No. 5: Coley C. Cassidy ’24; No. 6: Lillian I. Cassidy ’22; No. 7: Anna A. Samel ’22; Stroke: Caroline M. Briggs ’23; Cox: Kathryn E. Scott ’24
The Boys Cross Country Cup
Given in 1955 by Dyer S. Wadsworth, captain of the 1954 cross country team, with a wish for “Godspeed,” it is awarded annually to the member of the boys cross country team who has distinguished himself through running ability, enthusiasm and sportsmanship.
Jonathan W. Dase ’24
The Girls Cross Country Cup
Given in 1972 by Dyer S. Wadsworth, captain of the 1954 cross country team, with a wish for “Godspeed,” it is awarded annually to the member of the girls cross country team who has distinguished herself through running ability, enthusiasm and sportsmanship.
Katherine A. Taylor ’23
The Douglas Baseball Medal
Given in 1965 in memory of Archibald Douglas of the Form of 1922, the medal is awarded to the best all-around baseball player.
Jackson D. Sullivan ’22
The Form of 1903 Hockey Medal
Founded in 1913 by the Fifth Form of 1903 in commemoration of the Tenth Anniversary of their graduation, it is awarded yearly at Anniversary for all-around excellence in hockey to the boy, irrespective of team, who excels in individual play and teamwork, provided his record of sportsmanship throughout the season has been perfect.
Caid L. Cox ’22
The Form of 1968 Soccer Award
Awarded annually to the member of the SPS boys soccer team who attains the highest distinction in teamwork, sportsmanship and individual play.
Shea M. W. Dickson ’22
Kent Girls Lacrosse Award
Given by Elizabeth P. Kent of the Form of 1978, it is awarded annually to the member of the girls lacrosse team who attains the highest distinction in teamwork, sportsmanship, and individual play.
Lila D. Trussell ’22
The Roby Lacrosse Medal
Given by Mrs. Joseph Roby, Sr. and Joseph Roby, Jr. of the Form of 1924, in memory of Samuel Sidney Breese Roby of the Form of 1883, William Sterling Roby of the Form of 1886, and Joseph Roby, Sr. of the Form of 1889, it is awarded annually to a boy for ability, interest, and team spirit in the game of lacrosse.
Harrison S. Dahl ’22
The Sawyer Field Hockey Award
Given by Richard D. Sawyer of the Form of 1948 and Mrs. Sawyer, it is awarded annually to a member of the SPS field hockey team who attains the highest distinction in team play, sportsmanship, and individual skills.
Lilly T. Truchon ’22
The Sanford R. Sistare Girls Ice Hockey Award
Presented in 1986 by Jonathon O’Herron, SPS parent and former Trustee, to honor his lifelong friend Sanford R. Sistare, first coach of girls ice hockey, it is awarded to the player who had distinguished herself in individual and team play and who has contributed most to the spirit and traditions inspired by the first girls hockey team of 1982.
Kristina L. Allard ’22
The Stovell Tennis Prize
Donated by James B. Stovell, it is awarded annually for excellence and sportsmanship in tennis.
James B. Estes ’25
The Loomis Medal
Donated in 1972 by the male members of the Board of Trustees in honor of Elizabeth W. Loomis, St. Paul’s first woman trustee, the Loomis Medal is awarded to the girl who has made the greatest contribution to the School’s athletic program. It is the highest athletic award for a girl student at St. Paul's School.
Kristina L. Allard ’22
The Gordon Medal
Founded by Malcolm Kenneth Gordon of the Form of 1887, and a master at the School from 1888 to 1917. It is awarded to the best all-around athlete and sportsman. Mr. Gordon first awarded the Gordon Medal at Anniversary of 1892. It is the highest athletic award to a boy at the School.
Trevor A. Smith ’22
Women’s Sports
Field Hockey: Lilly Truchon, Hamilton (will also play hockey)
Ice Hockey: Abby Matusovich, Bowdoin; Jade Arnone, Harvard; Kristina Allard, Northeastern; Lillian Cassidy, Trinity; Claire Murphy, Williams
Lacrosse: Lila Trussel, Boston College; Izzy Wang, Colby (will also play soccer), Eden Wright, UPenn
Rowing: Faye Roselle, Hamilton (will also play volleyball)
Soccer: Emma Burke, Lehigh
Softball: Sophia Nankee, Skidmore
Men’s Sports
Baseball: Jake Sullivan, Bowdoin (will also play hockey); Nate Vandersea, Skidmore
Basketball: Tola Olorode, University of Chicago
Ice Hockey: Sam Sibold, Babson
Lacrosse: Carter Smith, Colby
Squash: William Kenny, Bates
Soccer: Nick Miller, Yale; Shea Dickson, Skidmore
Rowing: Axel de la Roche, Santa Clara; Romeo Guidici, MIT; Surya Vasireddy, Santa Clara
* * * * *
Individual and team spring athletic achievements are cause for celebration.
This year, Big Red athletes were able to take part in a full slate of spring competitions, and they made the most of the opportunity by breaking records and earning titles. Many of these achievements and other athletic feats were celebrated during a special Chapel held in Memorial Hall on Thursday, May 26.
Highlights of the spring season include four teams earning the title of 2022 Lakes Region League champions:  girls lacrosse, baseball, and both boys and girls tennis. Both tennis teams went undefeated in league play and the boys team was provided the additional opportunity to compete in the Lakes Region League tournament, where they swept all four of the draws and earned the tournament championship title.
In track and field, Kristina Allard ’22 broke four school records and was crowned the All-NEPSAC 200m Champion.
On Saturday, May 28, girls crew traveled to Worcester, Massachusetts, for the New England Interscholastic Rowing Association (NEIRA) Championships. The girls won the 3rd Boat and 2nd Boat Grand Finals and finished third in the 1st Boat to take the overall championship.
Here, in the order in which coaches presented them in Chapel, are awards earned by our athletes and teams this season:
JV Coaches Award: Kiki Hillery ’24
Varsity Coaches Award: Ellie Hanson ’22
Excellence in Sport: Grace DeSimone ’23, Eden Wright ’22
Lakes Region All-Stars: Meg Bohan ’25, Sarah Ernst ’24, Sofia Mancino’ 23
All-NEPSAC: Gracie DeSimone ’23, Lila Trussell ’22, Eden Wright ’22
All-NEPSAC HM: Annie Bermingham ’23, Teaghan Casey ’23, Arabella Perry ’25
Lakes Region Tournament Champions
JV Coaches Award: Christian Yi ’24
Varsity Coaches Award: Cal Welch ’22
Offensive MVP: Harry Dahl ’22
Defensive MVP: Bryce Terry ’23
Lakes Region All-Stars: Conley Bohan ’24, AJ True ’24
Northern New England Lacrosse League (NNELL) All Stars: Conley Bohan ’24, AJ True ’24, Heath Mann ’23
NNELL Honorable Mention: Jack Roberts ’24, Bryan Folsom ’25, Ryan Doherty ’23
NNELL Sportsmanship Award
Varsity Coaches Award: Isabella Martinez ’24
Leadership and Performance: Sophia Nankee ’22
Offensive MVP: Hana Bean ’23
Big East All-Tournament Team: Isabella Martinez ’24
Lakes Region All-Stars: Hana Bean ’23, Sophia Nankee ’22, Skyler Sharfman ’23
Varsity Coaches Award: Mike Stoddard ’22
Defensive Player of the Year: Michael Gutwein ’22
Most Valuable Player: Trevor Smith ’22
Lakes Region All-Stars: Owen Roy ’22, Trevor Smith ’22, Jake Sullivan, ’22, Nate Vandersea ’22
Lakes Region League Offensive Player of the Year: Jake Sullivan ’22
Lakes Region League Most Valuable Player: Trevor Smith ’22
Lakes Region League Champions
Coaches Award: Sam Smith ’22
Coaches Award: Gabby Martiniello ’24
Overall Effort and Attitude: Cami Bell ’24, Ciaran Henry ’22
All-NEPSAC 200m Champion: Kristina Allard ’22
Special Congratulations for School Records Broken this year:
200 m with time of 25.03: Kristina Allard ’22
Long Jump with distance of 17’8”: Kristina Allard ’22
Triple Jump with distance of 37’5.5”: Kristina Allard ’22
4 x 400 m girls relay with time of 4:09.27: Georgia Bussey ’24, Cami Bell ’24, Gabriella Martiniello ’24, Kristina Allard ’22
JV Coaches Award: Madison Andree ’24
Varsity Coaches Award: Marian Enders ’22
Outstanding Effort and Positive Attitude: Annabelle Brown ’22, Charlotte Kinlin ’22
Lakes Region All-Stars: Helen Berger ’24, Skylar Christoffersen ’24, Marian Enders ’22, Jenna Malone ’22
Lakes Region League Champions
JV Coaches Award: Pierce Trevisani ’25
Varsity Coaches Award: Will Mao ’23
Team Spirit: Diego Davalos ’24
Lakes Region All-Stars: JB Estes ’25, Jeffrey Huether ’22, Rahul Kavuru ’22, James Shephard ’23
Lakes Region League and Tournament Champions
JV Coaches Award: Georgia Cooper ’24
Varsity Coaches Award: Faye Roselle ’22
Leadership, Dedication and Commitment to her Crew: Jackie Chen ’22
Commitment, Perseverance and Inspiration of the Team: Abigail Scott ’22
NEIRA Overall Champions
JV Coaches Award: Brewster Smyers ’24
Varsity Coaches Award: Cub Scott ’22
Effort, Commitment and Athletic Performance: Corsa DeCenza ’22, Will Walton ’22
Fourteen Sixth Formers showed tremendous commitment to athletics by participating in interscholastic sports in every term of their careers at St. Paul’s School. Their dedication and contributions are greatly appreciated:
Kristina Allard
Tristan Brigham
Lillian Cassidy
Margot Champigneulle
Annette Chun
Harry Dahl
Marian Enders
Romeo Giudici
Ellie Hanson
Charlotte Kinlin
Maggie Nichols
Brianna Paz
Cub Scott
Izzy Wang



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