Schoolhouse Spring 2022

Graduation Week Presentations and Awards

SPS students finish their 2021-22 academic year in community gatherings that recognize their scholastic and extracurricular accomplishments, talents and service.
At Graduation of the Form of 2022 on Sunday, June 5, the following students, all Sixth Formers unless otherwise noted, were recognized with Academic Awards:
The President's Medal
The President's Medal is awarded to the president of the Sixth Form in recognition of the excellence exhibited during the year in office and as an acknowledgment of the extraordinary responsibility this position holds.
Eden Grace Wright
The Howe Music Prize
to the student who shows the greatest interest and activity in music:
Ke Nicole Du Hu
The McLeod Prize
to the students who have contributed the most to the dance program through talent, dedication, enthusiasm and spirit:
Chloe Ryan Abbruzzese, Andrew Conrad Fleischner, Alice Yi Liu
The James Appleton Thayer Award
to the student whose interests and efforts have contributed most in the activities of the Theatre program:
Mikai Jamir Spencer
The Ellsworth Greenley Prize
for excellence in any form of artistic work:
Phoebe Larkin Schmaltz
The Ambassador Crowe Prize for Foreign Affairs
Presented by Mr. Philip K. Crowe of the Form of 1928 and formerly American Ambassador to Ceylon, the Union of South Africa, Norway and Denmark, this prize is awarded for the best performance in a Political Science course to:
Rocco Christopher Burdge
The Prize Presented by the Sixth Form of 1873
awarded for the best performance in an English course to:
Adelaide Elizabeth Fleming Selch
The Keep Prize
Endowed by Mrs. Albert Keep in memory of her grandson, Albert Keep II of the Form of 1867, the Keep Prize is awarded for the best performance in a History course.
Wade Thomas Bednar
The Charles Halsey Clark Award
in honor of the ninth Rector of St. Paul’s School, recognizing demonstrated interest in and appreciation for Chinese language or culture is awarded jointly to:
Wade Thomas Bednar, Elizabeth Homer Painter
The Charles and Benjamin Cheney Goodwin Prize
for excellence in Classics:
Jacqueline Chen
The Malbone French Prize
for the highest rank in French as determined by marks for recitations and examinations:
Ke Nicole Du Hu
The Spanhoofd Prize
for the highest rank in German, as determined by marks for recitations and examinations:
Romeo Giudici, Baurice Christo Kovatchev
The Ambassador Duke Spanish Prize
for the highest rank in Spanish as determined by marks for recitations and examinations:
Marian Pillsbury Enders
The John Hargate Medal
to the student who attains the highest rank in Mathematics:
Ke Nicole Du Hu
The Vanderpoel Prize in the Natural Sciences
to the student with the most distinguished record in science:
Shun Yan
Ferguson Scholarships
are the School’s most distinguished prizes for its scholars. Fourth and Fifth Form students are nominated by the faculty, based on high academic achievement. Each finalist submitted an essay to, and completed an interview with, the Ferguson Committee. The winners of the Ferguson Scholarships this year are:
Kathryn Eva Scott ’24, Sarah Hu ’23
The Charles S. Knox Memorial Cup
to the student of the graduating Form who has attained the greatest distinction in scholarship during his or her years at St. Paul's School:
Ke Nicole Du Hu
The following students were recognized with School Awards.
The Community Engagement Award
Established in 2011, the Community Engagement Award is presented to a Sixth Former for dedication to making a difference in the lives of others through participation in a variety of service programs and organizations.
Declan Robert Casey
The Schlager Prize for Valor
to the student who, during his or her years at the School, has exhibited courage, strength of character and a determination to succeed:
Valerie Rosario
The George W. Chase Award
established in 1997 for cheerful, thoughtful, enthusiastic and selfless inspiration to others in the house:
ogan Clyde Gamlin
The Clifford J. Gillespie Medal
established in 1997 for the qualities of honesty, integrity and an eagerness to undertake the tasks, great and small, that make the School a better place:
Chinelo Audrey Chigozie-Nwosu
The Reverend Dr. Everett P. Smith Prize
to the student who has contributed conspicuously to the morale and well-being of the School, its students or the community:
Ryan Patrick Murphy
The Benjamin Rush Toland Prize
to the Sixth Former who best combines the qualities of intellectual achievement, athletic ability and a gallant spirit:
Margot Eloise Champigneulle
The Rector's Awards
awarded to graduating Sixth Formers who, through selfless devotion to School activities, have enhanced our lives and improved the community shared by all at St. Paul's School:
Wade Thomas Bednar, Emma Christina Burke, Declan Robert Casey, Jacqueline Chen, Caid L. Cox, Andrew Conrad Fleischner, Ke Nicole Du Hu, Abigail Anne Matusovich, Darina Krasimirova Mollova, Eldon Sullivan Scott
Rector's Medal
awarded to a graduating Sixth Former who deserves special recognition for service to the School, is awarded this year to:
Chloe Ryan Abbruzzese
The School Medal
for excellence in the performance of School duties:
Tristan Johannes Brigham
* * * * *
At the Book Awards Prize Ceremony in Chapel on Wednesday, June 8, held immediately before the Last Night Service, Rector Kathy Giles welcomed the School community and urged everyone to consider all they had accomplished together to bring out the best in each other.
“As we recognize and applaud these award and prize winners, let us also celebrate all those who have been challenged and extended, stayed the course, and done their best,” she said. “It is in the striving that we realize knowledge and find satisfaction and success.”
The following students were recognized for their academic excellence in the Book Awards Prize Ceremony:
The prizes provided from 1910-1918 by Mr. Charles D. Dickey, Form of 1878, a former Trustee of the School, for the outstanding scholars in several studies in the Third through the Fifth Forms, are continued by his son, Mr. Charles D. Dickey, Form of 1911, also a former trustee.
Dance: Lucy Mason ’23
Fine Arts: Anna Liu ’25
Music: Anna Zoltowski ’23, Kathryn Scott ’24
Theatre: Alex Zhou ’23
Humanities III: Kelly Sung ’25, Cristina Baron ’25
Humanities IV: Mason Deas ’24, Sarah Lee ’24
Humanities V: William Mao ’23, Catherine Esteves ’23
Chinese: JJ Detweiler ’23
French: Eleanor Raniolo ’23
German: Edith Jones ’24
Spanish: Alexandra Green ’23
Greek: Devin McDonald ’23
Latin: Sarah Hu ’23
Geometry: Cristina Baron ’25
Algebra 2: Andrew Choi ’25
Precalculus: Sam Du ’25
Calculus: JJ Detweiler ’23
Advanced Mathematics: Robert Gao ’23
Advanced Science and Engineering: Edie Cahill ’23
Biology: Christopher Shia ’23
Chemistry: Sarah Hu ’23
Physics: Maanas Goel ’23
Astronomy: Nicky Fink ’23
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Award
Awarded to the Fifth Form student who demonstrates outstanding academic achievement in advanced mathematics and science courses, the award carries with it the opportunity to receive $60,000 in scholarships.
JJ Detweiler ’23
The Smith College Club of New Hampshire Award
The Smith College Club of New Hampshire awards the Smith Book Award to an outstanding junior who exemplifies the academic achievement, leadership qualities and concern for others that characterize the thousands of women who have graduated from Smith College.
Sarah Hu ’23
The Harvard Prize Book Award
The Harvard Prize Book Program was originated by Harvard alumni in 1910. It is awarded to the outstanding student in the next to graduating class who “displays excellence in scholarship and high character, combined with achievement in other fields.”
Robert Gao ’23
The Ambassador Kenneth Franzheim Prize for Citizenship and School Service
Established by the Honorable Kenneth Franzheim of the Form of 1943, former Ambassador to New Zealand, to be awarded to a member of the Fifth Form for outstanding citizenship and School service.
Elizabeth Esteves ’23
The Form of 1980 Award
Established by the members of the Form of 1980 upon their graduation, this annual prize is given to a Fifth Former who has shown selfless devotion and school spirit.
Ridder Morton ’23
The Thomas Penrose Bennett Prize
Given in memory of Thomas Penrose Bennett of the Form of 1971, this prize is awarded each year to a student with demonstrated ability and interest in Science and Mathematics to assist in carrying out a project related to one or both of these fields.
JJ Detweiler ’23, Grace Wang ’23
The Archer Prize
Given by John and Margaret Archer, the prize is awarded annually to the girl of the Fourth or Fifth Form who, throughout the year, attains the highest distinction jointly in scholarship and athletics, as determined by a vote of the faculty.
Gracie DeSimone ’23
The Frazier Prize
Founded by Mr. George Harrison Frazier of Philadelphia for that boy of the Fourth or Fifth Form who, throughout the year, attains the highest distinction jointly in scholarship and athletics, as determined by a vote of the faculty.
Jack Michaud ’23
* * * * *
In Chapel on Tuesday, May 31, students were recognized for their scholastic and extracurricular accomplishments and talents as well as their service to the greater good. 
The Horae Editors Medal
Presented to editors of the School literary publication, Horae Scholasticae, for their sustained and highly efficient work.
Annette Chun ’22, Lillian McCluer ’24
The Yearbook Award
Presented to the editor of the Yearbook whose creative ideas, leadership, devotion and countless hours of hard work have contributed to its successful completion.
Rocco Burdge ’22
The Pelican Medal
Established by James W. Kinnear III of the Form of 1946, cofounder and first editor-in-chief of The Pelican, this medal is awarded to the individual who has contributed the most to the successful development of The Pelican.
Jacqueline Chen ’22
The Abidoye Family Debate Prize
Established by the Abidoye family, this prize is awarded to the students who have contributed the most to the debate program in terms of effort, ability and leadership.
Nathaniel Chapman ’22, Sarah Odukoya ’22, Abbey Xu ’22
The Ohrstrom Library Design Prize
This prize is awarded, at the art faculty’s recommendation, to the student who, in a design workshop or classroom, best exhibits an appreciation for architecture as an independent discipline and as a reflection of larger cultural and social issues.
Diego Gonzalez ’25
The Margaret Wood Schlich Prize
Established by Mr. And Mrs. Wilfred Kurth, this prize is awarded annually to the author of the best one-act play.
Sadibou Ceesay ’22
The Giles Prize
In honor of Paul Trafton Giles, director of the band for 14 years, this prize was given by his family and friends and the band of 1977. It is awarded to the students who have most closely followed the example set by Giles in spirit, leadership, musicianship and dedication to the St. Paul’s School Music Program, as performers in the wind, brass or percussion section.
Finnley Goss ’22, Henry Kim ’22
The Nancy and George R. Smith Prize for Orchestra
This prize was established in 1998 in loving memory of George Rockwell Smith of the Form of 1931 and his wife, Nancy, by his family, formmates, students, and members of the SPS faculty. George Smith spent 48 years at St. Paul’s School, first as a student and then as master, coach, head of the Lower School, and head of the Mathematics Division. It is awarded for the highest degree of leadership, dedication, and achievement in the Chamber Orchestra.
Abigail Scott ’22
The Sprague Prize
The Sprague Prize, given in memory of Edward Meade Sprague of the Form of 1973, is presented to the student who, by talent and dedicated spirit, upholds the choral traditions of St. Paul’s School.
Charlotte Kinlin ’22
The Channing Lefebvre Memorial Medal
Presented to the student whose contribution to the choir exemplifies the spirit and devotion with which Channing Lefebvre served St. Paul’s School and the University Glee Club.
Brook Xiao ’22
The Hackett Prize
Established by Mr. and Mrs. Montague H. Hackett in honor of their sons, graduates of St. Paul’s School in 1950 and 1953, the Hackett Prize is awarded to the student with the highest grades in the most humanities courses.
Wade Bednar ’22
The H. Boone Porter Prize in Applied Religious Studies
This prize was established in 2000 in loving memory of the Reverend Canon H. Boone Porter, Jr. of the Form of 1941 by his family. Boone Porter was a leading Episcopal theologian who was responsible for revising The Book of Common Prayer. His six years as a student at SPS were formative in developing his lifelong interests in theology, humanities, natural history and civic affairs. This prize is awarded to the Fifth or Sixth Form student who submits the best essay discussing the application of religious beliefs and values in formulating public policy in a field chosen by the applicant. The winner is selected by a faculty committee.
Ashley Zhou ’23
The Ma Chinese Prize
The Ma Chinese Prize, established in 1998 by Mr. and Mrs. Maximilian Y-K. Ma, is intended to inspire SPS students to learn and understand more about China by investigating topics relating to Chinese culture, politics, science, history and the arts. It is awarded for the best essay on an assigned topic.
William Mao ’23
The Drumm Prize
Founded by Harry K. White of the Form of 1880 in memory of former master Rev. Thomas J. Drumm, this prize is offered to the student who, irrespective of form, attains the highest distinction in Latin, as evidenced by daily marks and record of examinations.
Wendy Sun ’22
The Oakes Greek Prize
Given in the name of F. Warren Oakes, Jr. of the Form of 1911 by his father, this prize is awarded for the best examination on the writing of Xenophon.
Finnley Goss ’22
The Heckscher Prize
The Heckscher Prize was created by Philip and Frances Hofer in honor of the three generations of Heckschers who have attended the School. They are Augúst, Mauríce, Stephen, Philip, Charles, and Benjamin. The prize is awarded annually to one or more Fifth Formers to defray expenses connected with a thesis or project of exceptional merit.
Elizabeth Diamond ’23
The Joseph Howland Coit Medal
Established by Beirne Lay of the Form of 1881 in memory of the second Rector of the School, this medal is awarded to the Fifth Form student who has excelled in the study of mathematics and whose contributions and involvement in mathematical pursuits extend beyond the classroom.
Robert Gao ’23
The Burke Biodiversity Award
This award is given by Coleman P. Burke of the Form of 1959 to recognize the student who by inclination, participation and achievement has demonstrated the greatest interest in understanding and preserving the natural world and its biodiversity. The award supports further supervised active study and/or direct involvement in understanding the natural world and its biodiversity.
Beatty Cathey ’23
The Lovejoy Science Prize
This award is given by Frederick H. Lovejoy, Jr., M.D. of the Form of 1955 to the student who has best integrated science into a liberal arts education as demonstrated through academic performance, independent project work and enhancement of science in student life.
Jenna Malone ’22
The Community Engagement Award
This award honors a Third Former who has demonstrated a desire to positively change the world around them by participating in meaningful community service opportunities since the school year began.
Ian Chang ’25
The Kiril and Kate Sokoloff Prize
Awarded to a Fifth Former who has shown exceptional kindness and compassion; seeks a personal transformation toward spirituality; demonstrates a vision to make the world a better place through service for the good of mankind; and acts as an inspirational leader to his or her peers and classmates. The prize supports a special project proposed by the student and approved by the Rector and the Dean of Chapel.
Matt Letourneau ’23
The Form of 1971 Visionary Award
Established in 2001, this award honors a Fifth Former who has demonstrated exceptional originality, creativity, capacity for self-direction and other immeasurable, often unheralded, qualities that have been a source of inspiration for fellow students and other members of the St. Paul’s School community.
Natalie Thayer ’23
Career Perfect Attendance, Form of 2022
Given the number of commitments required of each student, achieving perfect attendance is a significant accomplishment. These graduating Sixth Formers made it through their entire SPS career without any unexcused absences:
Chloe Abbruzzese, Kayla Andree, Jacqueline Chen, Chinelo Chigozie-Nwosu, Serena Cody, Zoe Demers, Andrew Fleischner, Ciaran Henry, Caroline Light, Abigail Matusovich, Claire Murphy, Ryan Murphy, Kyle Pellerin, Anna Purvis, Andrew Rymes, Abigail Scott, Samuel Smith, Lilly Truchon, William Walton
Excellence in Attendance, Form of 2022
These graduating Sixth Formers made it through their entire SPS career with just one unexcused absence:
Kristina Allard, Samuel Barnard, Tristan Brigham, Christopher Butulis, Margot Champigneulle, Elizabeth Hanson, Ke Nicole Hu, Jenna Malone, Beatrice Paul, Leslie Sackey
ASSIST student from Czech Republic: Josefina Elisova ’23
Weicker Scholar student from France: Apolline Hunot ’25
The Cum Laude Society, founded in 1906, recognizes academic excellence at the secondary school level. The St. Paul’s School chapter was chartered in 1953, and its members include faculty who were elected in secondary school or to Phi Beta Kappa in college. Students may be elected in the Fifth or Sixth Form.
Newly elected Fifth Form members:
John Detweiler, Robert Gao, Alexandra Green, Sarah Hu, William Mao, Devin McDonald, Christopher Shia, Ashley Zhou
Newly elected members of the Form of 2022:
John Altman, Tristan Brigham, Margot Champigneulle, Serena Cody, Christopher Denham, Marian Enders, Andrew Fleischner, Finnley Goss, Makato Irisumi, David Jeong, Darina Mollova, Andrew Riley, Justin Tarquino, Anthony Xiao, David Yan
These students join the members of the Form of 2022 who were elected as Fifth Formers:
Wade Bednar, Jackie Chen, Ellie Hanson, Nicole Hu, Jenna Malone, Wendy Sun



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