Alumni Mentoring Heats Up

Jeff Selesnick
Alumnifire lights up the online mentoring and networking world for SPS graduates
Of the many things for which graduates of St. Paul’s School say they are grateful, one particular theme continues to emerge: access to its robust alumni/ae network. With nearly 9,000 living graduates, the SPS alumni/ae body is global, multi-generational, and engaged with the School in a variety of ways. There is no shortage of anecdotes describing Paulies forming friendships after leaving Millville, or encountering a fellow graduate in the workplace.
The School has always done its due diligence in keeping the alumni/ae directory accessible and up to date. From a printed guide to online directory to a mobile app, the School has now taken this next step toward making the SPS alumni network more accessible than ever with Alumnifire, its first-ever St. Paul’s School mentoring and networking platform. Alumnifire for SPS is exclusively for St. Paul’s School graduates and is powered solely by alumni/ae.
“I realized we needed a more efficient way to not only identify alumni/ae by their specific areas of employment and outside interests, but also a mentoring system,” said Liz Robbins ’79, P’17, president of the SPS Alumni Association. “Alumnifire provides a unique combination of both, and satisfies several needs at once.”
While the SPS platform has been live for only a few months, the potential to help alumni/ae connect in meaningful ways is clear. The expectation is that all members of the SPS alumni/ae community will find Alumnifire useful, from offering career advice to a recent graduate, or finding a new community of Paulies that shares a common interest.
“Having the ability to search for the type of connection you are looking for (career advice, introductions, and networking, informational interviews, resume review, job shadowing, etc.) enables alumni to identify Paulies in a targeted manner,” notes Lauren McKenna Surzyn ’03, an early adopter of the platform. “The portal is easy to navigate and allows alumni to both 'offer' as well as 'ask' as it relates to specific career-related topics.”  
Alumnifire, which integrates with both LinkedIn and Facebook, is a place where one-on-one relationships can be fostered around personal and professional interests, regardless of form year. Unlike LinkedIn or Facebook groups, however, Alumnifire allows users to specify exactly what they are seeking: an opportunity to mentor a recent graduate, and the opportunity to work at a company where a St. Paul’s School graduate works, for example.
“If Alumnifire can help like-minded alumni/ae to find each other and others to connect through mentoring or sharing their area of expertise the platform will have done its job, which is to support our mission of engagement – with each other and with the School,” continues Robbins. “It is crucial that as many alumni/ae enroll as possible: the more alumni/ae enrolled, the more robust the network.”
All SPS alumni/ae are encouraged to sign up for the platform. Users can log in using their e-mail address, Facebook, or LinkedIn accounts at
Alumni Communications Manager Jeff Selesnick is available to field your questions.