The SPS academic program offers exceptional depth and breadth, giving students both a solid grounding in the fundamentals and the flexibility to pursue electives ranging from Biomedical Ethics and European Art to Subatomic Physics and the History of Mathematics. The core curriculum includes challenging courses in the cornerstone subject areas: humanities, mathematics, sciences, languages, religion, and the arts.

At St. Paul’s, students and their teachers work in collaboration – in discussion around our Harkness tables, in laboratories, and in the field to investigate new and age-old questions. Through the School’s rigorous academic standards, we encourage our students to attain the highest level of scholarship and intellectual growth and development. Challenged by our exceptional faculty, St. Paul’s School students prepare intensively toward success in college, university, and career.

St. Paul’s School requires participation in four other areas of community life to complement the academic endeavors of our students: living in community courses, community outreach, athletics, and Chapel. The School’s commitment to education and caring for the whole person, as reflected in this all-encompassing view of education, supports and nurtures the intellectual, spiritual, physical, and emotional development of our students. The School’s Advanced Studies courses, Honors Programs, and Independent Study Program provide additional opportunities for students to dive deeper into subjects they find most compelling. Living among faculty and with talented and inquisitive peers, students have the freedom – and the responsibility – to pursue learning beyond the traditional school day.



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