Greetings to all!
We are making our lists and checking them twice, counting down the twelve days of Christmas and creating resolutions for the new year. For many of us, this year’s resolutions will reflect a desire for more engagement in our communities. With an appreciation for the strength that can be found in our differences, we want to build bridges that will move us beyond sound bites.
In Millville, this imperative is taking the shape in the “Giving Voice” initiative, in which student leaders from across the School are stepping forward to share their stories with the goal of broadening perspectives and strengthening the community. I heard an echo of this effort in a conversation with three young alumni following the Service of Lessons and Carols in Boston last week. They were sharing their pleasure at discovering what many of us already know: upon graduating from SPS, we entered the ranks of a unique, diverse, and welcoming intergenerational community of fellow alumni who are eager to connect.
It is in that spirit that I offer “Ten Ways to Get Involved in the SPS Alumni Association in the New Year.”
10. Keep in touch! Share your news and be sure ours isn’t landing in your spam folder
9. Join the alumni community on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn
8. Use the Alumni App on your mobile device to connect with Paulies wherever you are.
7. If you identify as an alumna, host/attend a XIX Society Seated Meal on February 3.
6. Attend – or better yet, plan – a Pelican Network event in your area.
5. Join in the Day of Service, March 11 (e-mail Rachel Benoit at for details).
4. See today’s St. Paul’s School in action. Let us know if you are going to be in the area!
3. Read Alumni Horae. Write a letter to the editor. Read Horae online.
2. Attend the annual meeting of the SPS Alumni Association in New York on April 5 during which we will be honoring this year’s Alumni Award winners, John Shattuck '61 and Kareem Roberts '99 and electing the next president of the Alumni Association. All alumni are invited. Come early for the business and stay late for the party!
1. Return to Millville for Anniversary Weekend and Graduation!
Thank you for all you do to support St. Paul's School, and have a safe and happy holiday season!
Alisa Barnard ’94
Executive Director, SPS Alumni Association