Wednesday, April 5, 2017
Millennium Broadway Hotel
145 West 44th Street, New York, N.Y.
5 p.m. Annual Meeting | Reception to follow
At this event we will be hearing updates from SPS Alumni Association President Ward Atterbury '85, electing offcers of the alumni association, and honoring the 2017 recipient of the prestigious alumni association award – John H. Shattuck '61.
Please register for the meeting by clicking on the link to the right.
Form directors and directors at large will be electing a president and an executive vice president to three-year terms commencing in July 2017. Because the newly elected officers will also serve on the Board of Trustees of the School, they also need to possess the qualities outlined in the Board of Trustees nominating guidelines.
The following candidates were nominated by members of the Alumni Association and reviewed by the Nominating Committee (Ward Atterbury '85, Hillary Parkhurst '80, Sam Reid '81, Jim Frates '85, and David Martin '65):
Mr. Jason P. Andris '92
Mrs. Mona Mennen Gibson ’87
Ms. Patricia L. Patterson ’82
Mrs. Elizabeth Overton Robbins ’79
Ms. Page M. Sargisson ’93
Click on the name for a photo, personal statement, and CV for each candidate. Be sure to scroll all the way down the file to see all information.
Only form directors and directors at large are eligible to vote. If you have questions or input on a candidate, contact your form director. For more details on the election process, refer to the "Alumni Association Election" section on the right-hand side of this page.