On a Roll (with Abby Hoeschler '06) by Jana F. Brown
Around the Table With Integrated Curriculum by Tom Owen ’11
SPS Today: 
   • New Class Mimics Nature Through Technology
   • Arts Renovations Underway
   • Fifth Former Nabs Top Honors in Chinese Contest
   • Relay for Life: Cancer Awareness Society Students Step Up
   • Students Mentor Local Middle School Girls
   • Library News: Visiting Author Series
   • Pond Hockey for a Cause
   • Faculty in Action: Mixing it Up in Humanities IV
   • St. Paul's School Choir: Touring the United Kingdom
   • Christine Carter: Riding into the Next 25 Years
Nostalgia: Seated Meal Still Seated
Spotlight: John H. Shattuck '61, Alumni Award Recipient
Facetime: Abigail Dillen '90, Environmental Change Leader
Athletics: Abundant Snowfall Leaves Girls Alpine on Top

RECENT PAST ISSUES (click on full digital archives above for older issues)

Alumni Horae Winter 2017, Volume 97 Number 2
Hogle-y Conservation by Meg Heckman
On A Mission by Matt de la Peña ’04
SPS Today: Alumni participate in MLK Day Observance
Nostalgia: Reviewing Hargate history
Spotlight: Chocolatier Alexandra Whisnant ’01
Facetime: Retired Rear Admiral Alex Krongard ’81
Athletics: The SPS girls hockey team features three sets of sisters

Alumni Horae Fall 2016, Volume 97 Number 1
Embedded by Danny Freeman ’09
The Women of SPS by Jana F. Brown / Marian Bull ’06 / Meg Heckman
Perspective: Please Send Me an Application for My Daughter with Roberta Tenney
Memories: Catching up with some of the original 19 SPS women
Action: Meet the new trustees
Spotlight: Author Caroline Randall Williams ’06
Facetime: Scientist Clay Wang ’91 sends fungi into space to test their properties

Alumni Horae Summer 2016, Volume 96 Number 4
Perspective: Using the Senses at Anniverary by James W. Kinnear '46
Honors: Honoring 25-year faculty Candice J. Dale and Jada Keye Hebra and retiring faculty Kevin P. Barry and Glenn A. Reider
Anniversary Stories
  • Form of 2006: Memories Come Flooding Back
  • Jack Dalrymple '66: The Beginnings of a Political Career
  • Sarah Bernstein Jones '88: Seeing SPS Through a Parent's Eye
Athletics: Shattuck Retains Bragging Rights
Spotlight: Musician Kurt Crowley '02, associate music director and associate conductor for Broadway's Hamilton

Alumni Horae Spring 2016, Volume 96 Number 3
Road Crew by Fergus Reid III '51
Fire on the Mountain by Jamie Young '85
Who the Hell Writes this Crap by Austen Earl '97
What is in a Name by J. Brown / M. Edmond '95
Perspective: Looking Back on 25 Years with Candice Dale
Memories: 25 Years of Ohrstrom Library
Action: SPS Withdraws from Independent School League
Spotlight: Alumni Association Award Recipient William H. Taft IV '62
Facetime: Jennifer Groman '83 protects NASA's assets

Alumni Horae Winter 2016, Volume 96 Number 2
From Concord to Kyiv by James Brooke '73
Climate Control by Lucia Davis '04
A New Age by Matt de la Peña '04
Perspective: Still appreciating Ninth Rector Kelly Clark
Memories: The City of Concord recently acquired an original SPS horse-drawn carriage
Athletics: Pittsburgh Penguins Associate GM Jason Botterill '94 has a bright future in the NHL
Spotlight: Budding filmmaker Pippa Biano '07
Facetime: Catching up with Faculty Emeritus George Carlisle

Alumni Horae Fall 2015, Volume 96 Number 1
What is a Library by Matt de la Peña '04
Learning in the New Millenium by Lucia Davis '04
Perspective: Community Reflections SPS community members share their views on a difficult summer for the School
Memories: Recalling the sacrifices of three SPS Korean War veterans
Athletics: Astrophysicist Alison Crocker '02 uses her mind and her body as one of America's best orienteers
Spotlight: From Whitey Bulger to the Boston bombing suspects, prosecutor Jack Pirozzolo '83 had handled many high-profile cases
Facetime: SPS Dean Lawrence Smith on following – and setting – the trends in education

Alumni Horae Summer 2015, Volume 95 Number 4
Perspective: Clarence Michalis ’40 looks back 75 years
Honors: Honoring retiring faculty Jane Brandt, Robert Rettew ’69, Fidel Rodriguez, and Buzz Whalen and 25-year faculty Theresa Gerardo-Gettens
Athletics: Shattuck sweeps on Turkey Pond
Anniversary Stories
  • Matthew Danzig ’05 and Elizabeth Alabama Mills ’05
  • Tom Ferraro ’75 and Beth Eastlick ’78
  • Minoru B. Makihara ’50, Yoshi Shimizu ’55, and Takuma Makihara ’15
Update: Annual Fund: Meeting the Challenge
Behind the planning of the famous "LOVE" sculpture

Alumni Horae Spring 2015, Volume 95 Number 3
Finding Chemistry in Indian Tradition by Jana F. Brown
On Being Censored by Rick Moody '79
Q&A with Former FBI Director by Brett Forrest '91
Facetime: Sia Sanneh '97 and the Equal Justice Initiative
Spotlight: Alumni Association Award recipients Theodore Achilles '54 and Peter McBride '89
Perspective: Not a Means to an End by Noah Ruttenberg '15
Memories: Nearly 50 years later, the defiant words of Michael Morgan '68 still resonate
with his formmates

Alumni Horae Winter 2015, Volume 95 Number 2
In High Demand by Jana F. Brown
The Etiquette of Home by Suzanne Williamson Pollak '74
Darwin's Ultimate Road Trip by Coleman P. Burke '59
Facetime: Lewis Lukens '82 talks about life in West Africa and the Ebola outbreak
Spotlight: Peter Darrow '05 opens a thoughtful N.Y. restaurant offering "farm fresh takeout"
Perspective: Turing Tour by Terry Wardrop '73
Memories: Alumni Remember Eighth Rector William Armstrong Oates

Alumni Horae Fall 2014, Volume 95 Number 1
Un Uncompromising Commitment to Quality by Tom Owen '11
Emerging from History by Rachel S. Cox
Whose woods these are . . . (photographs by Karen Bobotas)
Facetime: Artist Sheperd Paine '64
Spotlight: "Ferguson and Beyond" with NPR moderator Michel Martin '76
Perspective: Remembering the Berlin Wall, 25 Years Later by Richard Schade '62
Memories: A Letter Home by Sally Carroll Keating '72

Alumni Horae Summer 2014, Volume 94 Number 4
Perspective: Lorene Carey '74 contemplates reunion
Feature: "Were were all in this together" by Jana F. Brown
Hundreds of alumni visit the site of their formative years
Awards: Celebrating 25 years with Robert Oziomek and Fidel Rodriquez
Athletics: Halcyon rules the day on Turkey Pond
Update: Form of 1989 breaks an all-time record
Spotlight: Entrepreneur Ben Kaplan '11 facilitates the social lives of college students

Alumni Horae Spring 2014, Volume 94 Number 3
The 4-Hour Hacker: A day with force-multiplier Tim Ferriss '95
The Gift of Trust: The Irish adventure of Rosemary Mahoney '79
Trowel, Cloak, and Dagger: Archaeologist and Spy Rodney Young '25
Facetime: Matthew Baird '83
Spotlight: Alumni Awards
Perspective: The Spirit of Adventure
Memories: "Boarding School – A Contrary View," written in 1991 by Richard B. McAdoo '38
(Click here to view the entire article)

Alumni Horae Winter 2014, Volume 94 Number 2
The Network
Gold Dust and Cigars
College Reality Check
Facetime: Dana Goodyear '94
Spotlight: C2C's Director Jessica Thompson Somot '88
Perspective: Not Just a Pretty Building by Zachariah Allen '56

Alumni Horae Fall 2013, Volume 94 Number 1
There is No Teaching without Learning
The "Ultimate Irony"
Peace in the Palm of Your Hand
Facetime: Alex Denisof '83
Spotlight: Earle Simpson '78: Saving People's Smiles

Alumni Horae Summer 2013, Volume 93 Anniversary Special
Feature: "We take our best lessons from here"
Retiring Faculty: Tom Bazos, Ken Casazza, and Patrick Cully
Faculty Celebrating 25 years: Richard Greenleaf
Reunion Annual Fund Records
Spotlight: Straughan Downing Kelsey Jr. '61, Peter Wyeth Johnson '62, and
James Hunter Shotwell '58, who gave their lives in Vietnam.

Alumni Horae Spring 2013, Volume 93 Number 3
Architect and Builder
Celebrating 125 Years
Finding Meaning
Facetime: Rabbi Irwin Kula
Spotlight: Alumni Award Recipients David Hunt '57, Kiff Gallagher '87, and Andrew Gauldin '89

Alumni Horae Winter 2013, Volume 93 Number 2
Brawn and Brains
Avian Adventurer of the Caribbean
Don't falter. Don't judge.
Facetime: Flimmaker Sarah Burns '00
Spotlight: X-Plane creator Austin Meyer '88

Alumni Horae Fall 2012, Volume 93 Number 1
Blessed with the Sound of Music
Eternal Mayor
What Ever Happened to the Three-Sport Athlete
Facetime: Political analysts Ford O'Connell '95 and Matt Stoller '96 talk social media & politics
Spotlight: John Bankson '81: The Prop Master

Alumni Horae Summer 2012, Volume 92 Anniversary Special
Homecoming: Falling Back into Place
Back to Chapel
Retiring Faculty: Berkley Latimer, David and Judy Seaton, and Ellen Bryan
Alumni Games
Spotlight: Nick Stoller '94

Alumni Horae Spring 2012, Volume 92 Number 3
For My Brother and Companions' Sakes
Time to "Stand and Stare"
Test Your Knowledge of St. Paul's School
Facetime: 93-year-old actor Efrem Zimbalist Jr. '36 recalls his days in Hollywood and his
               friendship with J. Edgar Hoover
Spotlight: Alumni Award Recipients Sam Beard '57, John F. Kerry '62, and Katie Tarbox '00

Alumni Horae Winter 2012, Volume 92 Number 2
"Oh, the agony"
Capturing a Golden Age
Double Burners
Facetime: RNC Treasurer Tony Parker '64 talks about money and other political matters
Spotlight: Behind the yoke with artist-turned-aerobatic-pilot Lise Lemeland '85

Alumni Horae Fall 2011, Volume 92 Number 1
Carving History
Eager Not to Rest
A Model of Mattering: A Visitor's Report
Facetime: Annie Jacobsen '85 and the secrets of Area 51
Spotlight: Three Perspectives on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

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