At St. Paul’s, athletics are much more than an extracurricular activity; they are an extension of the classroom, providing opportunities for students to set goals, learn new skills, and gain exposure to the community of a team.
Students are encouraged to try out for sports in which they are competitive, but the vast athletic offerings at St. Paul’s create opportunities to compete at both the interscholastic and club levels, depending on the skill and interest of the individual athlete. The structure of the varsity and junior varsity levels allows students to progress through the program while learning new skills and gaining experience. The club sports system provides healthy competition and camaraderie at the intramural level.
Interscholastic teams meet four days a week for afternoon practices, while competition days are primarily reserved for Wednesdays and Saturdays. St. Paul’s is a member of the Six Schools League. The School prides itself on its work ethic and sportsmanship while striving for athletic excellence.


Athletic News


Leo Saraceno- BV Hockey.  Leo saw lots of rubber in his final three ice hockey games for the Big Red.  He made close to 100 saves in these three games, many of them of the spectacular variety.  Thanks Leo for your talent and commitment to the boys hockey program. 

The Girls’ JVPuck Seniors.
The JVPuck seniors won their final game of their careers 7-0 on Saturday against Lawrence. In their four years at SPS, they have had the combined record of 54-6-2; a pretty impressive feat. Thank you seniors for your time and dedication to JVPuck!

Athletics Videos

Photo Gallery of the Week: GV Basketball v. Holderness