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  • The George F. Baker Master in Physical Education

    This chair was created in memory of George F. Baker Jr. (SPS 1934). Mr. Baker was an accomplished gymnast and rower during his time at SPS. Throughout his life, he maintained his interest in gymnastics and in such other sports such as golf, shooting, and fishing, and was an enthusiastic yachtsman and aviator. The gift, given by his family through the George F. Baker Trust, is used to support a chair in physical education, honoring Mr. Baker’s lifelong interest in sports. Scott E. Heitmiller '81 has held this chair since 2011.
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  • The Richard F. Davis Chair

    Established in 2012 by grateful alumni and friends, the Richard F. Davis Chair was created to honor Rich Davis, who taught at St. Paul's School for 37 years (1966-2003). Among his many roles, Rich was head of the History Department, head of the Humanities Division, head of house, head of the Chapel wardens, adviser to the John G. Winant Society, club soccer coach, and head coach of both girls and boys varsity crew. Rich was steadfast and compassionate as a teacher, adviser, mentor, faculty leader, and coach. Rich is considered one of America's most successful rowing coaches. In 2000, he was presented with the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Rings of Gold Award, in recognition for his outstanding coaching of SPS varsity crew. In all, 30 of Rich's oarsmen and oarswomen went on to row for the U.S. National Team, with 10 becoming Olympians. This chair supports a master teacher in the Humanities Division, honoring Rich’s career at SPS. Christine E. Carter has held this chair since 2015.
  • The Alexander Smith Cochran Mastership in Greek Language and Literature

    This mastership was created in 1930 from a portion of the bequest of Mr. Cochran (SPS 1892). An avid yachtsman, Mr. Cochran served in World War I in the British Royal Navy and received the decoration of Commander of the Order of the British Empire. Throughout his life he was a generous philanthropist to institutions dear to him, including SPS. He donated to the Annual Fund as well as the SPS Endowment, including the bequest that would endow this chair, which Glenn A. Reider has held since 2007.
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  • The Charles Dickey Faculty Chair for Religion and Ethics

    This chair was originally created by the bequest of Charles Dickey ’11. Mr. Dickey was an outstanding scholar and athlete at SPS and as such was the first winner of the Frazier Prize, which was then given to the Fifth or Sixth Form boy who achieved highest distinction jointly in scholarship and athletics. He had a long and distinguished tenure as a trustee of the School, serving nearly four decades on the Board. He was a generous supporter of the School. In addition to his bequest, many people subsequently added to the Charles Dickey Faculty Chair for Religion and Ethics fund in his memory. The Rev. Richard E. Greenleaf has held this chair since 2003.
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  • The Charles W. Engelhard Master in Science

    This mastership was established through the bequest of Charles Engelhard’ 35. After St. Paul’s School, Engelhard went on to Princeton before serving for four and a half years as an instructor in the Army Air Force, with the rank of captain, in World War II. Heir to a precious metals business, he expanded it into a world-wide industrial empire encompassing diamonds, copper, oil, timber, and other metals and minerals. The trustees of the Charles Engelhard Foundation approved the creation of the Charles W. Engelhard Mastership in Science in 1978. Peter B. Tuttle has held this chair since 2004.
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  • The Farnsworth Mastership in Science Fund

    This chair was established in 1929 by Alfred L. Loomis (father of Alfred L. Loomis Jr. ’31) in memory of Lucy Holman Farnsworth, Mr. Loomis's mother-in-law. Mr. Loomis was an American attorney, investment banker, philanthropist, physicist, pioneer in military radar use, inventor of the LORAN or Long Range Navigation System, and lifelong patron of scientific research. President Roosevelt lauded the value of Loomis's work, describing him as being the civilian who was second perhaps only to Churchill in facilitating the Allied victory in World War II. Dr. Theresa Gerardo-Gettens has held this chair since 1996.
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  • Frederic C. Hamilton Master in Energy and Resource Studies

    This fund was established by Mr. and Mrs. Frederic C. Hamilton, parents of Thomas Hamilton '80, in 1977. Frederic Hamilton is known as one of America’s oil pioneers who, together with his brother, formed the company that first discovered oil in the North Sea. Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton are longtime and generous supporters of St. Paul’s School and Mr. Hamilton is a past trustee. Victoria D. Ryder has held this chair since 2007.
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  • The Form of 1923 Master of English

    The Form of 1923 Master of English Chair was established by the Form of 1923 on their 50th Anniversary in memory of five beloved masters of SPS: Gerald Chittenden, Henry Kittredge, John Richards, Chappy Scudder, and Beech White. Matthew W. Soule ’77 has held this chair since 2010.
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  • Independence Foundation Teaching Endowments

    The Foundation was founded in 1932 by steel maker William H. Donner whose son attended St. Paul’s School (William H. Donner Jr. ’29). These teaching endowments, created in 1962, support two faculty chairs. Colin J. Callahan has held the first chair since 2003, and Jennifer L. Hornor has held the second since 1992.
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  • The Laughlin Librarian Chair

    The establishment of the Laughlin Librarian Chair, endowed by a generous gift William P. Laughlin ’52, came as the result of discussions between Mr. Laughlin and his formmate, trustee Albert Francke ’52. In addition to funding the library director’s salary, the Laughlin Library Chair fund provides support to other library operations. Kevin P. Barry has held this chair since 2010.
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  • Charles Bispham Levey Master

    This chair in mathematics was established in honor of Mr. Levey of the Form of 1897, who spoke of his experiences and friendships at St. Paul's as the most cherished memories of his long life. He honored this sentiment with a generous bequest left to the School. Laura R. Hrasky has held this chair since 2010.
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  • Mastership in Modern Languages in Memory of Whitney W. Bangs and Daniel C. Payson

    This fund was established in part by a gift from Thomas T. Solley ’43 in memory of his formmates, Mr. Bangs and Mr. Payson, who were killed in action in Europe during World War II. Jeanne L. Windsor has held this chair since 1992.
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  • George H. McFadden Mastership in History Fund

    This fund was established in 1986 by George McFadden ’59 in memory of his great-grandfather, George H. McFadden. The younger Mr. McFadden was a businessman, an avid sportsman (both during and after his time at the School), and a trustee at the School. George W. Chase III has held this chair since 2013.
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  • Form of 1944 Endowed Chair in Humanities

    This chair was created from a fund established in honor of the Form's 50th Anniversary in 1994. This fund was augmented by additional gifts from the form and designated to a chair in the Humanities in 2004. Ann K. Jones has held this chair since 2011.
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  • James W. Kinnear and Mary Tullis Kinnear Master of Science Chair

    This chair was established by James W. Kinnear III ’46 and Mary Tullis Kinnear in 2001. Mr. Kinnear has received numerous honors and awards in his lifetime, both as an individual and as the CEO of Texaco, including the National Medal of Art and the Distinguished Graduate Medal from the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association. In addition to his work on the boards of many other organizations, Mr. Kinnear is a past President of the St. Paul's School Board of Trustees and was the 2003 recipient of The SPS Alumni Association Award. Terence A. Wardrop ’73 has held this chair since 2006.
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  • Form of 1954 Henry Crocker Kittredge Chair in the Arts

    The Form of 1954, on the occasion of its 50th Anniversary, honored Mr. Kittredge, the Sixth Rector of St. Paul’s School (1947-54), by creating a faculty chair within the Arts Division supported by a permanently restricted endowment. Nicholas J. White has held this chair since 2013.
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  • John G. Ordway Mastership in Mathematics

    This chair was created by John G. Ordway Jr. ’41. Mr. Ordway spent his life in public and civic service, serving on boards devoted to the arts, education, and the outdoors in Minnesota, influencing everything in the state from aviation to hockey. He was also a consistent and generous supporter of the School, as is his son, John G. Ordway III ’66. Hien Thule Le has held this chair since 2015.
  • Donald M. Culver '43 Chair in Humanities

    This chair, created by Mr. Culver through a planned gift, is awarded to the Humanities Division Head. Mr. Culver, a lifelong and generous supporter of the School, was a businessman and cattle rancher who enjoyed his time at St. Paul’s School and the friends he made during his time here. Kevin Brooks has held this chair since 2014. 
  • The Joyce and Dietrich von Bothmer Mastership in Classics

    This chair, established as a mastership in Greek, was held anonymously until the donors' son, Bernard, graduated from St. Paul's School in 1985. Art historians regarded Mr. von Bothmer, a curator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as the world's leading expert on ancient Greek vases. Currently this is an open chair.
  • The Albert P. Neilson ’48 Chair in Environmental Stewardship and Education, in Memory of H. B. Rosengarten and Adolph G. Rosengarten, Jr. ’23

    This chair was established by the Rev. Albert P. Neilson ’48 to endow the position of Environmental Steward, reflecting Mr. Neilson's deep commitment to the connection between the environment and spirituality. Nicholas Babladelis has held this chair since 2015.
  • Fung Family Chairs in Chinese

    Established by Sabrina W. Fung ’89 through her family foundation, these chairs support the salary, benefits, and annual professional development for the chair holders. This includes travel to China. Lei Wu has held this chair since 2015, as well as from 2011-12. Yin Xie holds the Fung Family Mastership in Chinese.