IMPACT means to have a strong effect on someone or something. Your generosity makes an impact on the lives of students and enriches the quality experience that defines an education at St. Paul's School.
If you were to visit St. Paul's School today, you would see that things have changed but still, surprisingly, remain the same. St. Paul's School continues to prepare students for life and leadership and the educational distinctions alumni have known for 160 years. With your help, the Annual Fund provides vital resources that sustain our mission and provide a uniquely rich residential learning environment, small class sizes, and faculty that inspire.
When you make a gift to the Annual Fund, you open doors for students and faculty, with access to the resources and exceptional community that you remember and love.
Make an impact today with your gift to the SPS Annual Fund. We are grateful for your loyal support.
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Goal $6,245,000.00
Current: $6,014,741.00
Current Alumni Participation: 31%
Current Parent Participation: 61%
As of Date: 5/31/2018