Update: Owen Labrie Trial 8/28/2015

Special statement from the Rector
“We must first commend the remarkable moral courage and strength demonstrated by the young woman who has suffered through this nightmare. Her resolve and unwavering commitment to the truth have been inspiring to us and to many outside our School community. We can only hope that time will bring some measure of healing and comfort to both her and her family.
The entire St. Paul’s School community has been deeply affected by this incident. It is our responsibility to ensure that our students live and learn together in a community that is built on respect, caring, and support for one another. Anything short of that cannot and will not be accepted. We will continue to focus on teaching our students our core values – that they live honorably, respectfully, and never forget to be kind – and that they learn and grow in ways that lead to productive and respectful relationships throughout their entire lives.”
Michael G. Hirschfeld ’85
Rector, St. Paul’s School
Click here to see letter sent to the SPS community from the Rector and the Board President.