Some of the best moments of the day take place in Chapel, where all of us gather four times a week to sing, to pray, to laugh, to perform. Chapel is more than a building (or buildings). In many ways, “Chapel” refers to the spirit of St. Paul’s and the many ways we celebrate together – not just singing and praying, but also helping others in our local community, improving our amazing natural environment, and committing to social justice.
While founded in the Episcopal tradition, St. Paul’s School celebrates all faiths – any form of spirituality that inspires compassion for others. There are many ways you can take an active part in Chapel programs – not just as a performer, but as a warden maybe, greeting chapelgoers as they enter; as an acolyte, assisting in religious services; or as a lector, reading selections from poetry, essays, Christian scripture, or other religious and spiritual traditions. Learn to play a new instrument – our set of 23 Chapel bells – by becoming a carillonneur. Every year we also select new Chapel prefects, who serve as ambassadors to the larger School community.


List of 6 members.

  • The Rev. Alice Courtright 

    Dean of Chapel / Humanities Teacher
    (603) 229-4759
  • The Rev. Richard "Rich" Greenleaf 

    Senior Chaplain / Humanities Teacher
    (603) 229-4727
  • Dr. TJ Dumansky 

    Chaplain / Humanities Teacher
    (603) 229-4609
  • Nicholas White 

    Chair of the Arts Department and Director of Chapel Music and Organist
    (603) 229-4645
  • Mrs. Mary Dolch 

    Associate Director of Chapel Music
  • Mrs. Mary Barwell 

    Chapel Administrator
    (603) 229-5547