The dining hall (Upper) offers just about everything you can imagine, including cereals, fruits, made-to-order omelets, make-your-own waffles, soup, sandwiches, salad, taco, or pasta bars, and make-your-own smoothies. There's always lots of desserts to choose from, including a soft-serve ice cream machine.

During the day, bagels and fruit are available in the Schoolhouse. “Grab ’n Go” lunch in the Tuck Shop offers a quick alternative to cafeteria lunch. Also the Tuck grill is open every day and evening for a snack or burger with friends. The Tuck Shop is a popular hangout for students in the evenings and on weekends.

The St. Paul’s School community atmosphere is the defining feature of Seated Meals, semiformal dinners that take place two evenings a week in Coit’s dining rooms. Students and faculty enjoy these opportunities to share a meal, discuss the day’s events, and become better acquainted. Seated Meal is one of the traditions most dearly recalled by alumni. Your adviser will also invite you and other advisees for group dinners.
Clark House Health Center
Going away to boarding school means leaving the familiar comforts of home, including your family doctor. Dr. John Bassi, a board-certified family practitioner, heads the Clark House Health Center, with its staff of caring nurses, two counselors, and two athletic trainers. Whether you have a cold, need advice on stress or nutrition, or have another medical concern, the staff at Clark House is available to care for you in the same manner as your hometown medical practice.

We have a strong relationship with Concord Hospital, just two minutes away, and with the multi-specialty orthopedic group on the hospital’s campus. Clark House facilities include:
  • 14 patient beds, eight of which are dedicated to inpatient care and six for outpatient rest and observation
  • Concussion testing
  • A relaxation room
For more information refer to our Frequently Asked Questions.

Other Services
In addition to the above, SPS offers several services for student convenience including an ATM, campus store, post office, laundry and dry cleaning service, summer storage service (through Able Moving & Storage and UPS), and access to driver’s education.