The Advanced Studies Program was founded in 1957 by St. Paul's School to provide talented New Hampshire public and parochial high school students with challenging educational opportunities otherwise unavailable to them. More than 11,000 students have participated in the program since that time. Students apply in the fall of their junior year for attendance in the summer before their senior year of high school.

The summer session stresses academic and personal growth, as students learn to live together and share in the school community. The program is entirely residential, and the classwork is supplemented by athletics, participatory Chapel services, weekend social activities, and musical organizations.
Summer school bands and a cappella singing groups are usually formed each year. Other activities, such as plays, open-mike performances, literary magazines, swing dancing, and chess matches are also common, based on the particular interests and talents of each summer's group.

In each session, ethical behavior among students is expected. The program attempts to achieve a balance between the necessity for structure and the desire to allow students the freedom to mature in a new environment. The ASP seeks highly motivated students interested in academic challenge, hard work, and a stimulating environment that will encourage them to learn and grow.

The 2017 session runs from June 23 to July 30. Tuition is $4,200.


List of 3 members.

  • Michael "Mike" Ricard 

    Director of Advanced Studies Program
    (603) 229-4777
  • Michael "Trent" Smither 

    ASP Advancement Manager
    (603) 229-4778
  • Joyce Ashcroft 

    Administrative Assistant, Advanced Studies Program
    (603) 229-4777


  • Founded in 1957
  • Number of students in 2016 session: 263
  • Female: 161
  • Male: 102
  • High Schools represented: 73
  • Average class size: 13
  • Student to Faculty+Intern ratio 3:1
  • Interns: 37 from 26 different colleges and universities
  • Number of interns who are ASP alumni: 13
  • Number of interns who are St. Paul's School alumni: 3
  • Number of master teachers: 27
  • Number of master teachers who are current or former St. Paul's School faculty and staff: 9
  • Number of House Supervisors: 12
  • Additional Staff: 10 (athletic director, 2 college counselors, 3 assistant directors, chaplain, organist, crew coach, rock wall/fencing coach)
  • Tuition for 2017 session: $4,200.


Advanced Studies Program Office
tel: 603-229-4777
fax: 603-229-4767
St. Paul's School Security
In case of emergency after hours, call:
Clark House Health Center
tel: 603-229-4850
St. Paul's School Switchboard Operator
tel: 603-229-4600