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  • Christian Fellowship

    The Christian Fellowship at St. Paul’s is an ecumenical and charismatic group of students and faculty who meet weekly to worship, study the Holy Bible, and support one another in prayer and conversation. A group from the School attends a local evangelical church on a weekly basis.
  • Coexist

    Originated in the spring of 2015, the Coexist group seeks to foster a spirit of interfaith dialogue and reconciliation on campus and around the world. The group holds regular open meetings to discuss current religious events and plan community gatherings and vigils.
  • The Hillel Society

    The Hillel Society sponsors numerous events throughout the year for Jewish community members as well as all who are interested in attending, including Shabbat dinners, special Chapel services, the annual Passover Seder meal on campus, and additional opportunities for hospitality and conversation.
  • The Indian Society

    The Indian Society is a student cultural group that also celebrates and lifts up the different religious traditions of India, including Hinduism, Jainism, and Islam.
  • The Middle Eastern Society

    The Middle Eastern Society meets on a regular basis as a student club to discuss the multifaceted approaches to life in the Middle East, from religion and politics to food and family, and provide the larger SPS community with presentations and celebrations regarding Islamic life and observances. Muslims from around the world can find fellowship, resources, and support in this group.
  • The Missionary Society

    The largest and oldest student-run School organization, the Missionary Society coordinates and oversees community service efforts together with the Community Outreach office on campus.
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  • Roman Catholic Community

    Gathering periodically throughout the year for fellowship and conversation, the Roman Catholic Community of students and faculty attends services in Concord.
  • Vestry

    The Vestry is a group of Episcopal students who organize, oversee, and attend Episcopal programming at the School, from the Compline services to the weekly Eucharist, our annual confirmation programs to school-wide Evensongs. The group also occasionally attends events, such as retreats, with the wider Episcopal Church of New Hampshire.
  • Other Faith Groups

    According to student need and interest, the chaplains and chapel council offer programming (internal and external) and support to all people of faith, humanists, and others who are seeking from a variety of religious and ethnic backgrounds.