Clark House, a 14-bed medical center located in the heart of the School grounds, functions much like a family practice. Dr. John Bassi, a board certified family practitioner, a staff of caring nurses, two counselors, a female health practitioner, and two athletic trainers provide care for the School.
Concord Regional Hospital and a multi-specialty orthopedic group are less than a mile away.
Clark House provides a relaxed, quiet atmosphere in which students may recover from illness or injury as well as develop a necessary and healthy balance in their lives. In some cases a student's health needs may exceed the limits of what Clark House can provide. In those situations, a student may be placed on a Health Leave.
For more information, refer to the SPS Handbook.
Hours of Operation
The health center is open seven days a week when school is in session and is staffed 24 hours a day by registered nurses, with a physician and counselor on call.You can contact Clark House by calling 603-229-4850 or e-mailing
Life-Threatening Emergencies
Students, faculty, or staff witnessing or coming upon a life-threatening situation should call 911 immediately and then notify School Safety (4646). Students should always attempt to contact an adult for assistance when possible.
Medical Services
  • medical care for routine and acute injuries and illnesses
  • routine counseling
  • psychiatric consultation
  • management of student medications
  • immunizations
  • concussion management
  • reproductive health
  • health/wellness resources and programming
  • specialty care (referred out): allergy, cardiology, dentistry, orthodontics, dermatology, gastroenterology, plastic surgery, general surgery, gynecology, infectious diseases, neurology, ophthalmology, optometry, orthopedics, otolaryngology, podiatry, psychiatry, radiology, urology, and vascular surgery
Support Services
An Episcopal minister is available for support and spiritual guidance. This faculty member is involved in the St. Paul’s School community and may assist with adjustment issues, loss and bereavement, and spiritual concerns.
A part-time consulting nutritionist is available for students seeking help in the areas of healthy eating, weight loss, weight gain, sports nutrition, and/or eating disorders.
St. Paul’s School employs two certified athletic trainers who are educated in the prevention, evaluation, management, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. The athletic trainers are responsible for providing medical coverage at practices and games. There are two athletic training rooms located on the school grounds, one at the Athletic & Fitness Center, and one at the Hockey Center. The athletic trainers are available at these sites prior to and immediately following athletics.

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  • Photo of Jeffrey Lewis

    The Rev. Jeffrey Jeff Lewis 

    Dean of Chapel / Humanities Teacher
    (603) 229-4759
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    Mr. Robert Bob Oziomek 

    Head Athletic Trainer
    (603) 229-4839
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    Dr. Allyson Ally Bryant 

    Athletics Trainer / Teacher of Biology
    (603) 229-4838


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