Alongside their academic exploration, students can participate in more than 70 clubs and societies, ranging from debate and robotics to gospel choir and fly-fishing. Students plan and stage major events, run meetings, and work with the faculty and staff to create new clubs and societies. While trying new things and exploring yet undiscovered talents, students develop organizational and leadership skills that are invaluable in their lives beyond SPS.

List of 66 items.

  • All-Male A Cappella Group

    Faculty Adviser: Darik Velez
    The All-Male A Cappella Group is a co-ed beatboxing cohort that plans to perform at school events.
  • Art Society

    Faculty Adviser: Brian Schroyer
    To help promote and develop a better appreciation of the fine arts within the St. Paul's School campus.
  • Astronomy Society

    Faculty Adviser: Darik Velez
    To extend the reach of the astronomy program towards the general public, encourage observation of the celestial heavens, and promote the astronomical discipline.
  • Best Buddies

    Faculty Adviser: Kate Daniels
    Best Buddies Promoters empowers youth who attend school without a special education department to become advocates for people with IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities). This is accomplished through organizing and attending special events that promote advocacy for the disability rights movement.
  • Business Society

    Faculty Adviser: Jim Watt
    The Business Society’s mission is to educate and introduce students to the fundamentals of local and international business and how these businesses influence our daily life. By partnering with DECA, Business Society hopes to prepare emerging leaders in all aspects of business. This year the society hopes to publish the SPS Business Review and host an entrepreneurship competition.
  • Cadmean Concordian

    Faculty Adviser: Mashadi Matabane
    Cadmean Concordian’s mission is to foster a creative environment for people to share their own work and the works of others.
  • Cage Soccer Club

    Faculty Adviser: Ben MacBride
    The Cage Soccer Club allows students to casually enjoy soccer, no matter their skill level. The Club gets together to play soccer on the weekends.
  • Cancer Awareness Society

    Faculty Adviser: Heather Deardorff
    The Cancer Awareness Society wants to spread awareness and educate members of the community on the effects of cancer on individuals and their loved ones. In addition, we would like to participate in local events such as the Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk and raise money for Stand Up to Cancer.
  • Chinese Society

    Faculty Advisers: Lei Wu, Yin Xie
    We aim to promote an appreciation for and a celebration of the Chinese culture on campus.
  • Chocolate Vanilla Swirl

    Faculty Adviser: Randall Person, Jr.
    Chocolate Vanilla Swirl entertains SPS at school events and gathers together to dance and have fun.
  • Classics Society

    Faculty Adviser: Ryan Samuels
    To encourage involvement in the classics and to maintain that tradition of study.
  • Climbing Club

    Facuty Adviser: Shelli Gay
    The Climbing Club takes a small group of climbers to a huge indoor gym in Concord a few times a week. This year the club plans to compete at high-school league competitions at Evolution Climbing Gym.
  • Contra Dance Society

    Faculty Adviser: Joe Holland
    The Contra Dance Society brings students to contra dances in and around New Hampshire.
  • Cooking Club

    Faculty Adviser: Bill Potter
    The Cooking Club educates the SPS student community about food choices, cooking skills, recipes, and basic kitchen techniques.
  • Cricket Club

    Faculty Adviser: Bill Potter
    The Cricket Club’s mission is to bring back the long lost tradition of cricket and introduce the sport to a new generation! Cricket Club plans regular games, screenings of matches, and an event for Cricket Holiday.
  • Daily Grind Coffee Society

    Faculty Advisers: Terry Wardrop, Will Renaud
    The Daily Grind Coffee Society aims to enrich the community through specialty coffee and to raise awareness of the environmental impact and human impact of food, especially coffee. The Daily Grind plans to host semi-weekly coffee tastings.
  • Debate Team

    Faculty Advisers: Andrew Gray, Kevin Barry
    Debate provides a means of teaching debate and public speaking skills while competing throughout New England in tournaments. There are nine yearly tournaments, including one held at St. Paul’s.
  • El Club De Espanol

    Faculty Adviser: Alejandro Saravia
    El Club de Espanol promotes the use of Spanish on campus and promotes culture from Spanish speaking countries. The club plans to host dinners, movies, and cultural events throughout the year.
  • Enders Science Society

    Faculty Advisers: Davies Cabot, Terry Wardrop
    The Enders Science Society introduces the student body to scientific research in the biological, chemical, and physical (astronomy) disciplines.
  • Film Club

    Adviser: Kenny Kilfara
    Members of SPS Film Club write, direct, and produce their own short films while also screening outside films.
  • Football Appreciation Society

    Faculty Adviser: Israel Bernal-Lopez
    To share major football matches in an exciting atmosphere, and to host a FIFA tournament to raise money for charity.
  • French Club

    Faculty Adviser: Jeanne Windsor
    The French Club celebrates and promotes the French and Francophone cultures.
  • Futsal Club

    Faculty Adviser: Akachukwu Obi
    The Futsal Club is an inclusive, fun, and low intensity club that meets for futsal pickup games. Futsal is a form of indoor soccer played on a gym floor with a small, weighted ball.
  • Gender and Sexuality Alliance

    Faculty Advisers: Patty Ilzarbe, Hien Thu Le
    The Gender and Sexuality Alliance provides a place for discussion and support surrounding LGBTQA+ issues. The alliance is planning a National Coming-Out Day Chapel, a trip to a BAGLY prom, and a boarding school GSA dance.
  • German Club

    Adviser: Jennifer Hornor
    The German Club learns about and celebrates the German culture.
  • Golf Club

    Faculty Advisers: Robert Oziomek, Richard Greenleaf
    The Golf Club gives students the opportunity to hone their golf skills and introduces the sport to others who have not yet had the chance to play. Members will play golf at Beaver Meadow Golf Course and take lessons from a top golf pro. In addition, the club plans to go on outings to tournaments and host a charity golf tournament.
  • Indian Society

    Faculty Adviser: Brent Erstad
    The Indian Society promotes awareness of India and its complex culture through food, movies, and personal accounts.
  • International Lunch-time Animation Festival (ILAF)

    Faculty Adviser: Margo Burns
    The International Lunchtime Animation Festival helps to alleviate the stress of the school week by playing cartoons twice a week during lunch.
  • International Society

    Faculty Adviser: Jennifer Hornor
    The International Society looks to share the many cultures in the school community while providing support for international students.
  • Investment Club

    Faculty Adviser: 
    To host activities related to investing and to educate the student body on intelligent investing.
  • Japanese Society

    Faculty Adviser: Masa Shimano
    The Japanese Society sparks interest in the unique culture and knowledge of Japan through activities and food.
  • John G. Winant Society

    Faculty Adviser: Candy Dale
    The John G. Winant Society aims to follow in both John G. Winant’s and John Kerry’s footsteps by promoting an interest in politics, international affairs, public and foreign policy, and healthy debates. We are behind the weekly "Beyond the Bubble" newsletter updating the school on current events. Meeting times vary.
  • La Mezcla

    Faculty Adviser: Glenn Reider
    La Mezcla plans to publish one foreign language literary magazine each term containing poems, short stories, or family recipes along with English translations.
  • La Sociedad

    Faculty Adviser: Alejandro Saravia
    La Sociedad brings together students who are interested in learning about the Spanish language and culture.
  • Liberty in North Korea (LiNK)

    Faculty Adviser: Anny Jones
    LiNK is a non-profit organization that rescues North Korean refugees who are hiding in China and resettles them in South Korea or the United States. The purpose of the club is to spread awareness of North Korea human rights violations and fundraise to support the refugees.
  • Madhatters

    Faculty Adviser: Brent Erstad
    The Madhatters are the only female a capella group on campus. They strive to create and produce fun and enjoyable music.
  • Math Society/Team

    Faculty Adviser: Hien Thu Le, Christopher Morse
    Our mission is to cater to the mathematically inclined of the St. Paul's community and to enable casual extra-curricular mathematical pursuit, regardless of academic background. We meet for NEML's in Ms. Le's classroom on the first floor of Lindsay, and at other times and place TBA.
  • Mental Illness Awareness Society

    Faculty Advisers: Theresa Ferns, Kenny Kilfara
    The Mental Illness Awareness Society’s mission is to raise awareness and fundraise for mental illness and suicide. The Society will make announcements about how to support those who are suffering, run meetings and support groups for people to share or listen about experiences, and host fundraisers for mental illness research.
  • Middle-Eastern Society

    Faculty Adviser: Candy Dale
    The Middle Eastern Club educates students on Middle Eastern cultures.
  • Mock Trial Club

    Faculty Adviser: Alyssa Schmidt
    The Mock Trial Club exposes students to a trial setting for better understanding of judicial processes while helping them develop fluent, convincing speaking skills and logical thinking necessary for law practice. The club plans to attend the New Hampshire Mock Trial State Championships in February.
  • Model Congress

    Faculty Adviser: Grant Edwards
    Model Congress stimulates political debate between students using parliamentary procedure. In the future, we hope to expand the club so we can attend Model Congress Events with other schools. The club will meet weekly; no experience necessary.
  • Model United Nations

    Faculty Adviser: Colin Campbell
    Model United Nations provides an opportunity to travel to, and take part in, mock United Nations conferences.
  • Outing Club

    Faculty Adviser: Scott Betournay
    The Outing Club looks to keep St. Paul’s in touch with the great outdoors through overnight wilderness trips.
  • Paulie Improv (PI)

    Faculty Adviser: Kenny Kilfara
    Paulies Improv allows students to learn and explore the techniques of theatrical improvisation through weekly rehearsals and a performance each term.
  • People's Community Problems

    Faculty Adviser: Andy Gray
    Peoples’ Community Problems will foster campus-wide dialogue on issues pertinent to student life.
  • Robotics Club

    Faculty Adviser: Terry Wardrop, Will Renauld
    The Robotics Club teaches engineering to those interested in robotics and computer science. The club competes in various competitions against teams from across the region.
  • Rugby Club

    Faculty Adviser: Jen Cotton
    The Rugby Club’s mission is to have fun and play rugby.
  • Russian Society

    Faculty Adviser: Laurent Patenotte, Sofya Patenotte
    The Russian Society’s mission is to share and inform the student body about Russian culture, tradition, history, and lifestyle. The society plans to host a Russian dinner at the dining hall; give presentations about Russian music, literature, and poetry; and host a myth-debunking session about Russia.
  • Scholastic Bowl Team

    Faculty Adviser: Christopher Morse
    The Scholastic Bowl Team trains and competes in the NH Quiz Bowl League and learns trivia.
  • Ski Club

    Faculty Adviser: Alejandro Saravia
    We take sprinters to nearby mountains on Sunday to provide skiing opportunities.
  • Southern Society

    Adviser: Erin Ainor
    The Southern Society unites students from the Southern United States, while giving the rest of the School an opportunity to experience the culture and other wonderful things about the South.

    Faculty Adviser: Ashley Zanca
    SPS ASL’s purpose is to learn about the deaf and hard of hearing cultures and to learn and practice ASL’s signed English.
  • SPS Family

    Faculty Adviser: Jada Hebra
    SPS Family discusses issues of diversity and inclusivity in our school and promotes equality. The club plans to host movie screenings, presentations, and weekly meetings throughout the year.
  • SPS Yearbook

    Faculty Adviser: Suzanne Ellinwood
    We create the SPS Yearbook.
  • St. Paw's Club

    Faculty Adviser: Michael Spencer
    The St. Paws Club mission is to help others in need of pet therapy. The club plans to volunteer at the local SPCA by bringing dogs over to Concord Hospital Rehabilitation Center, Children’s Hospital, and elderly homes.
  • Student Cultural Alliance

    Faculty Adviser: Randall Person, Jr.
    This year the Student Cultural Alliance will serve the atypical SPS student. We invite students of all cultural differences (i.e., gender identity, race, socioeconomic status, etc.) to have their voices heard in our safe space and discuss how to have our conversations echo in developments in the school's everchanging culture. We plan to host events/weekends that will celebrate the different cultures represented in the group.
  • Supernova

    Faculty Adviser: Lauren Gatewood
    Supernova is a new dance group on campus looking to set poetry into motion. The group plans to get many students involved in dance and wants each one to learn something and feel important. The group wants to have fun, work hard, and enjoy dance.
  • The Pelican

    Faculty Adviser: Minet Marrin
    Student-run newspaper intended to promote discussion among students and faculty.
  • Ukulele Society

    Faculty Adviser: Bill Potter
    The Ukulele Society enriches the lives of others through the playing of ukuleles.
  • Wood Squad

    Faculty Adviser: Jim Watt
    The Wood Squad’s purpose is to "hear the whispered secrets of these woods and waters.” They plan to maintain campus trails, run activities in the woods, and reinvigorate the culture of loving the woods at St. Paul’s.
  • WSPS

    Faculty Advisers: Glenn Reider, Derek Johnson
    WSPS allows you to learn about broadcast radio and share music on St. Paul’s student radio station.
  • Young Democrats

    Faculty Adviser: Chris Carter
    Young Democrats is a politically involved club on campus where anyone can come and discuss political issues.
  • Young Independents

    Faculty Adviser: Grant Edwards
    The Young Independents explore the gray areas of the political spectrum of a society whose politics have become increasingly polarized. The group considers political issues on a case-by-case basis rather than that of a specific party’s agenda, allowing for lively debate and non-biased perspective on modern issues.
  • Young Men's Club

    Faculty Adviser: John Bassi
    The Young Men’s Club provides a safe place for men and all SPS community members to meet and freely discuss topics affecting boys and men in a confidential and judgement-free space. The club hosts bi-monthly meetings and hopes to host a dance this year as well.
  • Young Republicans

    Faculty Adviser: Susan Zielinski
    Our mission is to learn more about the Republican Party, current events, and the world of politics. We plan to do this by engaging in discussions at our weekly meetings and by helping local campaigns. Through these efforts, we hope to create a fun and meaningful experience for our members that will foster future involvement and interest in the politics of our great nation.
  • Young Women's Club

    Faculty Adviser: TJ Dumansky
    The Young Women’s Club identifies and expresses ideas and concerns around the lives of young women at St. Paul’s School. The club welcomes boys, girls, and faculty to join.