St. Paul's School believes that a student's education extends beyond the classroom and that a change in physical environment necessarily enriches perspective. Our educational philosophy embraces diversity and endorses the principle that as individuals we learn when we broaden our own beliefs, values, and customs and seek out the wisdom and experience of others. To foster these values, we encourage our students to pursue an authentic understanding of a culture different from their own and to engage this new culture with an open mind.


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    Ms. Sarah Keefe 

    Director of Off Campus Programs
    (603) 229-4845


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  • The off-campus program is designed to achieve the following goals:

    • Complement the student's on-campus education by offering meaningful personal connections with different cultures and other perspectives.
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  • The off-campus experience is defined by a student's significant exposure to a culture different from his or her own, as well as some of the following conditions:

    • Comprehensive immersion into a language different from his or her primary language.
    • Significant participation in service-learning activity.
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