Working at the Advanced Studies Program is a summer job like no other. The grounds and facilities of St. Paul's School provide the ideal setting for exemplary teaching and learning over the course of five and a half weeks. Those who are motivated to challenge and inspire the 240 New Hampshire students that attend are rewarded with an idyllic teaching experience in an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm unparalleled at the high school level.
The Advanced Studies Program seeks to attract, retain and support a diverse and talented workforce and invites applications for various positions. Please address summer program inquiries by e-mail to  All questions regarding the academic-year Teaching Fellow Program should be addressed to Chip Campbell,

ASP Internships

ASP internships give rising college juniors, seniors and recent graduates an opportunity to gain valuable teaching skills by working with experienced teachers in their chosen subject. This pairing is done early enough to allow for communication and planning between the teacher and intern before the program begins.
Interns are very involved in teaching classes, leading discussions with the students, class planning, and evening homework help during study hours. They work closely with their teacher daily. In addition, interns lead the sports and extracurricular programs, help supervise the dormitories they live in, and assist in the library.
Applicants must be at least in their second year of college and should demonstrate a genuine interest in being a part of a community of learners, willingness to work hard, and a solid academic record. The director will interview selected candidates during the winter or spring preceding the summer session. The intern application deadline is January 10. We do accept applications after the January 10 deadline, but we do not review applications until all of the required materials have been received.
The internship starts in mid-June and runs through graduation at the end of July. This includes a four-day orientation before the students arrive.
Download the application.

ASP Faculty

The ASP Faculty is composed of St. Paul's School faculty who are joined by outstanding teachers from private and public schools and colleges around the country. The teaching experience at the ASP provides an exceptional opportunity to explore the course subject to an extent not possible during the regular school year. Teachers are responsible for one subject, choose their own syllabus, curriculum, and texts and work with an intern who assists in every aspect of the course.
Housing on the School grounds is available for teachers and their families. The dining hall serves three meals a day. In addition, teachers participate in the daily Chapel service and are available during evening study hours for additional classroom work, laboratories, rehearsals, or study help.
If interested in applying for a teaching and/or staff position, please e-mail the Director at with an introductory note explaining what role you might be interested in filling at the ASP, and please attach your resume. Hiring takes place from January through March.


The Intern and Faculty Experience

“It never ceases to amaze me, the ambition and drive of ASP students. As an intern and prospective teacher, ASP is the ideal teaching and learning environment. I am very grateful to have been both a student and intern at this program, getting the opportunity to rekindle my passion for learning and intellectual curiosity every summer.”
– Ian, Kenyon College

“ASP is the ideal teaching and learning experience. I get to work with great interns and faculty, but the real satisfaction comes from experiencing the growth of each student. In just five weeks, students in engineering classes experience the social, technical, and creative aspects of the engineering process. You never know what bright idea will come to light.”
          -Will Renauld, Master Teacher, Engineering
“This summer has not only been a wonderful growth opportunity for me as an intern, but I've seen so much growth in my students in the dorm, classroom, and in sports. I couldn't imagine a better place to spend a summer as a teacher or as a student!”
– Annie, Williams College
“As an intern, I have observed my students grow personally, intellectually, and socially through this program. It has been such a joy for me to see their passions for their studies ignite as well as the friendships they've formed. For me, ASP has affirmed that I want to teach in the future. This program really is a life changer- thank you for helping it to continue!”
– Mackenzie, Wellesley College
“I found the intensive academic environment and spirit of the program incredibly enriching and satisfying. In my Ancient Greek class I particularly enjoyed reading the Iliad. Although I had read it before, I loved reviewing it, especially as a teacher. I also loved discussing the topics studied in other classes with my fellow interns and getting a taste for the passions they hold for their own subject areas.”
– Jackson, Bates College

“Teaching writing workshop at the ASP means I get to come back to the state where I was born, work with highly motivated students, and read brilliant and raw creative non-fiction about their lives.  I like to think these students leave here with a newfound ability to tell the world who they are, and it’s a privilege to be a part of that process."
Sara Erdmann, Writing Workshop teacher