Beyond the stimulating academic atmosphere and the friendly community feel of the Advanced Studies Program are enriching traditions, forever burned into the memories of alumni for their uniquely engaging qualities. From social morning fruit breaks to wistful evening serenades, traditions are what help to make ASP a dynamic, well-rounded experience for its students year after year.

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  • Serenades

    Seeing a group of students scurrying through the night toward another dorm, often housing the objects of their affection, is not unusual at ASP. The furtive knock on the door is followed by a musical presentation or perhaps a choreographed dance. These short “serenades” will inevitably become some of your fondest memories.
  • Square Dance

    Five days into the summer, the square dance really kicks the program into high gear. Dorms dress according to theme – western, togas, ‘80s hip-hop – whatever your imagination invents! Live fiddlers and New England’s best caller take it up a notch. This event never fails to be a memorable experience for all!
  • Fruit Break

    Midway through the morning, students and teachers alike take a break from class and gather on the steps of Memorial Hall. Fruit and juice provide an energy boost for all, as well as an excuse to chat with friends and share a laugh in the shade of one of the School’s landmark buildings.
  • Softball Game

    The age-old rivalry continues. Who will triumph – the faculty or the interns? The competition is fierce and the student support vital. Cheers, banners, and lung power dominate the atmosphere during the annual battle.
  • Playfair

    You will never hear a slide whistle without thinking of ASP after this experience! Fast, hot, and fun. Playfair leads students and interns through a whirlwind of games and ridiculous activities. You'll probably never be a part of a bigger rock, paper, scissors contest!
  • Candelight Chapel

    Dedicated in 1888, the Chapel of St. Peter and St. Paul’s architectural profile graces the campus and provides a breathtaking meeting space for special occasions. The closing ceremony is precisely that, occurring the night before graduation. The solemn occasion concludes with the soft glow of candlelight passed from person to person until the light fills the hallowed space.